Talk about "timing..."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Talk about "timing..."

...I have to hand it to former Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot for, as she puts it on her Website:

"I have decided to toss my hat in the ring and run as a write-in candidate for Southampton Town Supervisor."

Cheeky... very cheeky! "Feisty," even!

(Some would even say "ballsy..." count me along them.)

But then, that's Linda!

I like Linda, and I like her style... it was especially refreshing after too many years of Junior Heaney behind the Supervisor's desk. She was a good Chief Fiscal Officer in her single term!

I hate some of the decisions she made, especially in the wake of her Labor Day 2009 DWI arrest when, instead of doing a quiet and sincere mea culpa and accepting what surely would have been offered, a reduced plea to failing to signal or, what she was ultimately convicted of, failure to stop at a stop sign!

Instead, she decided to put the Westhampton Beach Police Department on trial at a partic­ularly vulnerable time, and put two of the Village's most dedicated officers squarely in the defense's sights!

That's not something for which I can easily forgive Ms. Kabot!

Less unforgivable is her notice of claim against the Village... hell, Trustee Hank Tucker handed that one to her gift-wrapped with a bow on it!

Linda says she doesn't think anyone (read: Anna Throne-Holst) should have a free ride at the polls... and I concur!

(It's one of the reasons why I ran against Tucker and Joan Levan four years ago.)

But I suspect that her true primary motivation is that she is seeking validation beyond that of the "Not Guilty" verdicts in her DWI trial earlier this year.

Current Supervisor Throne-Holst has certainly given her some powerful issues on which to base her campaign, starting with her near ruinous appointment of Michael C. Sordi as Southampton Town Attorney.

And then there's that still unexplained matter of Throne-Holst's after hours 'phone call from then Southampton Town PBA President Patrick Aubé shortly after Linda's DWI arrest... that's something with which Ms. K.'s going to have a lot of fun.

On balance... and it's not even a close call... I'm delighted Linda has tossed her chapeau into the race.

It'll certainly liven up the next six weeks, and will probably have an impact on several of the other Town races.


1. EastEnd68 said...

I'll be the first to admit I was wrong about Linda two years ago. This race should be interesting.

She has an uphill battle on several counts, but the interesting part will be seeing who comes out to support her. There's a lot of positions (appointments, higher offices) in play this November, many of which are dependent on Anna Throne-Holst winning and carrying two others along with her.

The one I'd like to see stand up for her is Billy Hughes... right now, whether he knows it or not, he's been screwed by the backroom players, so he has little to lose by supporting her.

2. Bob Olson said...

You're right Dean. Actually, it would be very politically smart of Bill Hughes to come out in support of Linda. He really has nothing to lose because without Linda, his campaign is going nowhere.

I think Linda is going to do amazingly well and she will "coattail" for those smart enough to come out in full support of her write-in candidacy. Hughes needs Kabot much more than she needs him. Linda is going to pick up Republicans who would never vote for ATH, a lot of independents and, I believe, quite a few Democrats who will swear to ATH's face that they plan to vote for her.

The new paper ballots makes write-in campaigns a lot easier to pull off than in the past with the machines. Linda is very well known and will get the sympathy vote of those who feel she was screwed over with her DWI arrest (of which she is acquitted). The most galling thing about her DWI arrest was that the DA's office issued a press release stating Linda had been earlier at Magic's Pub when they knew that the story was false. It was nothing more than a reprehensible effort to taint the jury pool in Riverhead where Linda's trial was staged. Luckily, folks in Riverhead are used to being screwed by the rest of the county and didn't fall for this nasty tactic.

BobbyO, always good to hear from you and have you share your perceptions (with which I don't always agree) and special knowledge, of which you have a considerable amount.

We agree on what Billy Hughes should do, because as we are both aware, he has been screwed in the backroom this time around. I mean, who the blazes is Christine Preston Scalera and how does she get the nod from the Suffolk County Independence Party? This stuff makes me sick!

If you are correct about the fakery regarding two witnesses who saw Ms. Kabot earlier at Magic's Pub, then there should be an independent investigation of District Attorney Tom Spota's handlingt of this (and perhaps other) cases.

Wither the New York State Commission on Investigation? (R.I.P)

3. Hampton West said...

Tough to win on a write-in campaign but the last time she ran I believe she drew 43% of the vote or something like that so there is core support; question is if she can tap into those who voted against her (or not at all). I agree her suit against the Village may cost her some support and she might be wise to walk away from it if she thinks she can win. Amazing how ATH flipped on the issue of 20+ years of service cops continuing to serve.

You're right... it was 57.84% across three (Democratic, Independence and Working Families) lines to 42.16% with Ms. Kabot having only the GOP line... and that DWI mess.

I don't think Ms. Throne-Holst's "flip" is at all amazing... Kabot's was a good plan from the start (which is why the Town BPA opposed her), and if there's anything we know about Anna, is that there's a savvy political head atop that well-turned ankle.

I think it all rests on how much Linda has learned in the past two years, how smart (as opposed to headstrong) she's going to be over the next 5½ weeks... the incumbent certainly has several vulnerable spots at the waterline.
– Dean

4. 1340 said...

This may sound exciting to those who dislike Anna, or like Linda, but the fact remains that a write-in campaign is usually only effective in a minor party primary. I don't think she will break 15%.

I'd take that bet... except that the campaign may aready be over.

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