That's my cuz'!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That's my cuz'!

Stephen F. Griffing Jr., all 6'5" and 300 pounds of him, starring in a YouTube video clip from the 2011 Professional Tarpon Tournament Series off Boca Grande, Florida, as "the angler who flew into our boat."

According to his brother, Charlie Clifton...

"The Evinrude team was fishing in the tournament and filming their expertise. Steve was in another boat and the fish took his line and and wrapped it around the Evinrude team's boat. So Steve jumped (plopped?) onto Team Evinrude's boat and unwrapped the line and then jumped back onto his boat."

Baby brother George Griffing added:

"Apparently when fishing in bumper boat situations if your line (with fish on) crosses with another boat, you simply step on the other guys' boat, uncross the lines and step back onto your boat. Well... the guy crashing in the bilge of the video boat is Steve with pole in hand and tarpon hooked up. He made a very ungraceful cameo appearance in the Evinrude video while switching boats. It about the equivalent of a small whale making a surprise appearance on your deck."

The important thing is that Steve showed great savoir faire and was able to maintain both his coolness in a stressful situation and his connection with the fish.

Way to go, cus'!


1. Linesider36 said...

Speaking from experience, when a big man goes down, especially on a small boat, there's a lot more noise and yelling and screaming that goes on. I'm impressed not even one "F bomb" dropped by either boat but also not even a "Holy Sh*t! Are you Ok?" I'll bet you Stevie is black and blue after that one.

He's a tough guy... didn't phase him in the slightest.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Ha! Leave it to Steve to eat the scenery. I feel like I'm at Visani's watching him upstage the comedian.

Way to go, Big guy! We miss ya!

Now that I think about it, he did do that, once or twice!

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