Little indications...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little indications...

...that all might not be well with someone or something, often appear to us is the most unlikely of manners.

This occurred to me when I saw the current headlines:

Rogue trader causes $2 billion loss at UBS

I foresaw trouble at UBS some years ago be­cause their main area office in Uniondale and my cell' 'phone share near identical numbers.

Dial the number from the "516" area code and you get them. Dial it from "631," and you get me on my pre-paid Tracfone.

The frequency with which this used to occur was annoying in the extreme, so I devised a plan to reduce the misguided calls.

If it was a little old lady trying to get in touch with her money, I'd gently point out that next time she needed to remember to dial "1-516" before the exchange and the line number.

If, however, is was a UBS office... I know all their Suffolk branch numbers by now... calling from, say Brentwood, East Setauket or South­ampton, I was merciless.

I would answer on the second or third ring and say in a hushed but desperate tone:

"I can't talk now... the Feds are here. Save yourself while you can!"

...and quickly disconnect.

Sometimes they would call right back, and I would just let it ring, building the anxiety level within the caller.

Dirty trick?

Hey!, I didn't call them, they called me... and every time they do, it costs me money!

And anyone who's handling other people's money and can't remember to dial "1-516" when they're calling Uniondale from Suffolk, needs to get shaken up a bit!


1. Mrs Genetics said...

I found a canned air horn blast into the mouthpiece to be an extremely therapeutic response to unwanted telemarketing calls. Probably kept the Marine shop on Main Street in business a bit longer too, so some local benefit.

That's great! But so many of the most annoying telephone calls today are automated.

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