O, my...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

O, my...

...someone(s) still seem to have it out for me, and are spending good money to dis­charge whatever agenda is driving them.

Whoever could that be, sending yet a third anonymous letter?

More importantly, why?

I'm not running for any office, and I haven't blogged much of anything which would make any of the usual suspects nervous or angry in quite some time now.

One suggestive element of today's mailing, perforce missing from the earlier letters, was my appointment in July to the newly-formed Ethics Committee... remember who voted against that appointment at the Organizational Meeting!

But, as I said at the time, no one has anything to worry about from the Ethics Committee as long as they keep their noses clean.

(Of course, past sins frequently have a way of rising up to bite the sinner and their supporters in their buttocks.)

Another close observer of the local political scene continues to make a credible brief for the crass hands of the Palmers, mère et fils...

"It's their style... mostly hers. We've seen this in another instance... exact same style, exact same post paid envelopes."

....and it makes sense, for Carol Palmer's words of wisdom to all of her progeny: Get on the public teat!

And with Junior Palmer incautiously bragging within weeks of the last election that when Hank Tucker is elected Mayor in 2012, he would appoint Junior to serve out his unex­pired term as Trustee.

The next question is: who is funding this "poison pen" mailing?

It's highly unlikely that it would be any of the Palmers... Mama Carol isn't a big spender, and Junior is still mooching off of his neighbor's trash pick-ups and infiltrating Hampton Syna­gogue for free meals.

But anyone wondering who might have the "war chest" to back this anonymous campaign, look no farther than the Empress of Oneck... remember that Joan Levan spent several thousand dollars on an attorney to make sure than none of her second home owners would be effectively challenged at the polls on Election Day.

Her planning is certainly long term... first she needed to make sure that I wasn't elected in place of Hank, and when that was accomplish­ed (without too much difficulty), her whole strategy from that point has been to tie me to the tails of Mayor Conrad Teller, Deputy Mayor Toni-Jo Birk and Trustee Leola "Sue" Farrell in preparation for getting her slate into power next June.

(That first salvo was fired in June.)

And while the first two anonymous "cancer" letters were in service to diminishing my chances at the polls, today's "poison pen" edition really isn't about me at all... it's all about dislodging the current administration.

And with Hank in the driver's seat, one of his first orders of business... after appointing Junior Palmer to finish out his term as Trustee... would be to disband the Ethics Committee.


1. Scarlett said...

Chilling scenario...!

Who's going to stop them?

2. Crabby said...

Face it, Speir. We don't NEED no *&^$% ethics committee. Our pubic servants Tucker and Levan have clearly indicated they are above the law.

But you're right -- who else has anything to gain sending this spoiled bologna NOW? Only those pod people who want more power.

They started out small, you understand, picking on old people (I spoke to your wife about the terrific Melissa Ann Fredey's accounting --it's not nice to say mean things to old people, Hank, especially when you reverse your behavior after you've realized they're "important!") And former Trustee, current library Treasurer Madame Levan uses her husband's handicapped parking sticker between playing tennis games! Instead of celebrating her physical ability to walk, no, run, she uses a needy, unimportant person's slot. Nice job. How do you go to church, Joan? Do you confess your parking infractions weekly before you take that communion wafer into your mouth?

Then, those two went postal.

Take the disciplined police officers. Please. Hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted.

Take the dispersement and reporting by these two Library Board members of millions upon millions of our tax dollars in an extremely fuzzy math manner. (Compare the Library's annual accounting with the WHB PAC's reporting -- it's a bloody travesty!)

Tell me something positive. Where were those two when Hurricane Irene hit? I found nothing in the news about their actions to help the village.

Regarding those "disciplined police officers," it has been expensive, but what price integrity and an honest police department?

3. Mrs Genetics said...

You can't be serious, dumping his trash in neighbor's???

Unbelievable, isn't it!

'Tis but a small part of how he thinks and operates.

4. Jeanne Speir said...

Yet another anonymous letter. Garbage in, garbage out.

What's the matter? Is some really scandalous news regarding the evil little cabal about to break? I truly hope so.

Do let us keep our ears to the ground. As they say in New York, if you see something, say something. Make sure it's "corraborated" and send up a flag, folks.

This should be directed at those who actually care, whoever is left.

5. Tugboat Bertha said...

Mrs. DiBenedetto hasn't accepted your kind invitation to come over and listen to your side of the story yet, has she? Then who is to say she isn't part of the smear campaign? Clearly those cowardly people who wouldn't face you in a debate are feeling their oats in this clandestine effort to smear you and take down the Teller Village Board. They may never get found out but Big Brother is watching them and the eyes of God are on them too. The wicked letters they compose to destroy you only reveal what black hearts they have. Most think Mrs. Levan wrote the letters but she got her erroneous info from somewhere. Point-by-point you could take these accusations down. It is to your credit that you won't dignify them by doing that. But let me assure you that those who have spoken to me think very little of people who would treat another person the way you have been treated. As you said, the campaign is over. But sir, now that you are no longer a candidate, you can track them down and sue them for slander.

  1. No, we've not heard from the DiBenedettos, and who are they that I need to explain my "side of the story" in a personal audience? That's not why the invitation was issued, #1, and, #2, anyone who reads OtBB already knows exactly what "my story" is, anyway!
  2. It should also be pointed out that during the campaign, neither of the other candidates ever denounced the anonymous letters.
  3. Joan Levan would never write such letters herself... doncha know the Empress of Oneck proposes, everyone else deposes!
  4. The moment someone has guts enough to own authorship of the anonymous letters, I'll address their substance.
O, and one final point: t'were I of a mind to, the lawsuit would be for "libel," not slander. I'll bet you know the difference!

But thank you for your courageous words of support.

6. Michael Jacobs said...

An open letter to those behind the poison pen campaign:

However concerned I may be about the financial stability of the U.S. Postal Service, please remove my name (you'll actually find it above) from your mailing list. U.S.P.S. will have to make do with 44¢ less. This piece of drivel followed the other two into my trash can and will subsequently find its way to a landfill to decompose and be absorbed into the soil... where it rightfully belongs.

I invite you to stand up, identify yourself (or selves) and substantiate the otherwise libelous allegations you make. Then... and only then... you may be taken seriously.

Whether or not your allegations are true or not is absolutely immaterial. The fact that these letters are sent anonymously (and apparently with great care that the sender not be identifiable) make them worth less than the paper they're printed on. The fact that there are no citations, no verifiable references, no nothing to support the charges you make render the subject matter less than believable.

There are legitimate public forums for disagreement. Poison pen letters are neither legitimate or a valid forum. It incomprehensible how you can attack a person being named to an Ethics Board in such an unethical manner.

Man up (or woman up as the case may be), expose yourself (within the bounds of the law and good taste) and offer proof for what you allege. Until then... save yourselves the 44¢.

Thank you, Michael, but just as Hank Tucker and Patricia Debenedetto didn't have the guts or good grace to denounce the first two letters during the election campaign, those responsible don't have the guts to put their names to their screeds.

7. Bubbles said...

Hi Dean,

Mr. Jacobs so eloquently summed up my sentiments that all I would like to add is: Don’t let 'em get you down! He/she is a coward and I trust that no intelligent person will lend any credence to this spineless blather.

Your fan,

You warm me... but your assessment casts doubt on a significant chunk of Westhampton Beach.

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