The latest media buzz phrase

Monday, September 12, 2011

The latest media buzz phrase

Anyone else notice the frequency with which we've heard the words "'Credible' Terror Threat" strung together by teleprompter readers over the past five days?

(Note that the word "credible" is set off with its own interior quotes, presumably it's because they just learned the word from some "high level source" somewhere.)

It is now early September 12th, and the tin anniversary of the aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon has been observed... and passed... without any of those "'credible' threats" having been realized.

So how "credible" were they?

I am reminded of an anecdote the late Erben Jenkins related to me more than half-a-century ago, about about the commuter who caught the Cannonball in Westhampton one morning, and observed a passenger across the aisle reading that day's New York Herald Tribune.

After finishing each page, instead of the time-tested folding it under and moving on to the next page, he would detach it from the rest of the newspaper, wad it up and throw it out the window of the moving train.

By the time the train was steaming through the Islips, the Westhampton fellow couldn't contain himself any longer.

"Excuse me," he said. "I can't help noticing what you're doing. Can I ask why the wadded-up newsprint out the window?"

"It keeps the giraffes away," the other passenger answered without looking up.

"B-b-b-ut that are no giraffes on Long Island" the inquirer spluttered incredulously.

"Effective, isn't it?"

Even now, more than four months after DevGru assassinated Osama bin Laden, the 9/11 "mastermind" is sneering at us from beyond his watery grave.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

That's true. The effects of the WTC attack have had a very long reach.

I would definitely consider, if I were a terrorist, the tenth anniversary of the deed as a splendid day to reprise the horror. Unlike the days of Code Yellow, Orange and Red along with duct tape and large masses of plastic sheeting enveloping houses, I do not see the current city, state, or national leaders as alarmists.

As a person who has reported unusual behavior on an E Train in the past, I realize the importance of civilian surveillance.

The brilliance of the first attacks made me wonder if the "credible" yet "unsubstantiated" threat announced was a way to make us do a "Look! Over there! A squirrel!" while a real threat played out elsewhere.

Or it was simply a way to make us feel a little more miserable and spend more money on security.

I am proud to say on the anniversary of 9/11 our President represented America publicly, not only at the WTC, but also at the Pentagon and Pennsylvania crash sites to offer homage to the dead, as well as a demonstrative tribute to the strength of the American spirit.

Kudos to the security forces of our nation.

Yes, dear....

2. Jackie Bennett said...

You make a good point in this piece. You are in top form and it's your birthday. Happy 71 my friend.

3. Jeanne Speir said...

Forever Young. Play it for us, birthday boy, will you?

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