An omission...

Thursday, September 08, 2011

An omission...

...unintentional, I'm sure, from Laura Cooper's story on page A6 of this morning's Southampton Press Western Edition regarding local veterinarian Dr. Diana Bucalo's contri­bu­tion to the post-9/11 rescue/recovery efforts.

Two others here aided her efforts as well.

Lynn November, then one of the forces behind the Crazy Dog Diner and owner of a business called Doggy Duds, donated 150 sets of canine foot wear for the animals whose foot pads were getting lacerated by the rubble while searching the World Trade Center site for survivors, then bodies.

And Frank Bickley, proprietor of Westhampton One-Stop Pet, was Dr. Bucalo's "muscle" when they delivered the boots to Ground Zero.

More area effort which should not go unre­marked on this Tin Anniversary of the terrorist attacks against America.

For every Andrew Jordan, there is a Diana Bucalo, a Lynn November and a Frank Bickley.


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