The 2010-2011 TV Season...

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The 2010-2011 TV Season...

...a brief look last Fall's debut series which have been consigned to the waste pile of the vast wasteland.

And no, this is not another whine about the cancellation of last season's best new series, "Rubicon" and "Terriers."

(A pox, though, on the executive offices of AMC and Fx.)

It's really just a random inventory of some of the network shows that some suits somewhere in corporate towers in New York or California "green lit" and put on the air in prime time.

I have mixed feelings about the cancellation of ABC's "Detroit 1-8-7" since they gave it the ole "college try." The best thing about it was actor Michael Imperioli, late of HBO's "The Sopranos," but it was in a tough competitive time slot.

I have no such ambivalence about NBC's incomprehensible "The Event." Although it was ambitious in its structure, it was badly written and in several key roles, woefully cast.

It may ultimately be most notable for being a turning point in actor Željko Ivanek's career... he's not always going to be cast as the creepy bad guy!

(It happens over time: cf. Jack Elam and "Hulk Hogan.")

Still suffering from the vacuum left by the early passing of Brandon Tartikoff, NBC prob­ably had the most number of Prime Time flops. Aside from "The Event," there were:

  • "Law & Order: LA," which not even a mid-season restart could save... and one has to wonder how many suits at 30 Rock quietly rued the fact that they didn't just renew root fran­chise "Law & Order" for a record 21st season!
  • "Undercovers." [groan] What were they thinking?
  • Though eight episodes of "Outlaw" aired, the series was axed after the first four were telecast.
  • The network let "Chase" play out for 13 of it's 18 completed episodes before taking it off the schedule and slotting the final unaired five into the "Death Valley" of Saturday evenings in April and May.

CBS fared only slightly better:

  • So they cancelled a spin-off "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior." Eccch... I never watch the root show either!
  • Admittedly, I never saw "The Defend­ers"... not only am I not that big a fan of Jim Belushi, but out of respect for the memory of E.G. Marshall, I refused to watch it.
  • Mercifully, "CHAOS" just disappeared from the CBS schedule.

One show which debuted this past season on cable, is the execrable "Torchwood: Miracle Day," and I cannot wait for the axe to drop on that one!

The sole reason I started watching it was because:

  1. It was a cable show, and Starz has had some interesting original series, from "Crash" to "Camelot" to "Spartacus."
  2. I had met one of the actors, Bill Pullman, when we made a movie here in the mid-'80s, and I wanted to see what Lauren Ambrose was doing after "Six Feet Under" had concluded.

It is in all respects a-w-f-u-l... and several episodes in I discovered that is a British "programme" actually now in it's fourth season on the BBC, which season Starz picked up.

(I can but hope that Starz' upcoming "Boss" with Kelsey Grammer will be exponentially better!)

But that was last season... the new TV season is now underway, and expectations are already low!

(One of NBC's big roll-outs is "Prime Suspect," a 20-year-old[!] BBC series transplanted to New York City with Maria Bello in the Helen Mirren role!)

But not to worry... if one of your favorites of last season was cancelled. That show may not be gone forever... it could always show up at 4:00 am on some cable channel or in the Internet on "Hulu."


1. Rob F. said...

"Torchwood" is actually a "Dr. Who" spinoff, which used to air on BBC America. Went off the rails in Season 2. I tried watching a couple of episodes of the US reboot on Starz. Awful.

I concur... but I must tell you that I never got "Dr. Who" in the first place, and that series had been around forever.

2. Sandy Campbell said...

I totally agree with you on "Rubicon." It was the best series on TV since "The Wire," and I was really hoping for a season 2. Damn zombies!

I have yet to see anything on the small screen which approaches, in any respect, "The Wire."

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