Date Night

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Date Night

There's no reason, on a three day weekend, not to save "Date Night" for Sunday, but there are plenty of reasons, on a three day weekend, to get out of the The Hamptons.

I'd go anywhere to see a Helen Mirren film, and the closest her just-released "The Debt" was playing, was Mattituck, which easily meets the "Not The Hamptons" requirement.

Not surprisingly, Dame Mirren was great and Jessica Chastain... remember that name!... was terrific.

The movie itself was fair-to-good, a re-make of the 2007 Israeli "Ha'Chov" about a trio of Mos­sad operatives who in 1966 return from East Germany to a heroes' welcome for having disposed of a Nazi war criminal known as "The Butcher of Birkenau."

The narrative is part 1978's "The Boys From Brazil" (minus the scenery-chewing of Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier), with overtones of the real life capture of Adolf Eichmann and the search for Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

(Highpoint of the film for all who are not penis-encumbered: a young woman's deft move on her unsuspecting doctor from flat on her back in ob-gyn stirrups.)

Afterward we had an informal supper at the bar of Digger O'Dell's in Riverhead, our original destination having stopped serving at 9:00 pm despite advertising being open 'til 10:30 pm.

Digger's, however, was open with a decent bar crowd, a handful of large screen TVs turned to various sports feeds and cold Coors Light on tap... Jeanne could have come back for me at closing time!

(Tha's a joke, son!)

It was kinda like a larger Kara's with a kitchen, or what The Artful Dodger should be!

We sat at the bar and shared a couple of tasty "starters," charbroiled marinated Medallions of Sirloin with horseradish sauce, and the choles­terol Combo Platter of Baby Back Ribs, spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings and fried Mozzarella Sticks... we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

And since we were in "Not The Hamptons," we were out of there for well under $40 including two draughts, a Margarita and a generous tip.

It was a successful "Date Night."


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