Only in Dee-troit

Friday, September 02, 2011

Only in Dee-troit

Found... where else?... on-line at:

Detroit Zoo Unveils New Lion Habitat

"The lions at the Detroit Zoo now have a home fit for a king."

Okay so far, but then we learn:

"...six lions, five of which were rescued. One of the rescued lions was found in a crack house in 1992 and another was found in the basement of an abandoned home in 1993. Three others came from a Kansas junkyard in 2009."
One of the lions at the Detroit Zoo

It makes perfect sense if one thinks about it.

I won't speak to the "abandoned home" (which abound in the Detroit area), but drug dens and junkyards are popular targets for ne'er-do-wells, and heightened security is indicated.

What better security than a sizable (500+ pounds), confident Panthera leo?

I think this sound would discourage even the most crack cocaine-addicted degenerate with malevolent intentions.

On a semi-related matter...
Detroit Lions

...the other Lions of Detroit finished their four game schedule of pre-season football games undefeated, beating the Buffalo Bills, 16-6, Thursday evening.

While this is an encouraging sign for the of­ficial season which kicks-off next weekend, I must remind myself that the last time the Detroits were 4-0 in pre-season, they went 0-16 for the regular schedule which followed.

Still, the pulse quickens....


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