September Village Board Meeting

Thursday, September 01, 2011

September Village Board Meeting

Ultra fast meeting of the Westhampton Beach Village Board this evening with nothing of real significance on the calender, but three who spoke during the public portion of the session extended it to the 15 minute mark.

The first, former Trustee and Deputy Mayor Mark Raynor, questioned the Board regarding certain policies adopted by the Village which, based on Village Clerk Rebecca Molinaro's responses, appear not to have been followed.

And that, for those who remember the lessons of not so distant history, is the stuff of suc­cessful lawsuits!

Mr. Raynor also read into the public record a letter of general support for his son Jimmy from Assembyman Fred Thiele.

Second up was Colette Leitieri who, at the July Work Session, had envisioned a dog park at the municipal marina. She wanted to know if the Village had given any further consideration to the Leitieris' proposal.

(It hadn't.)

Finally, Terri (Mrs. Mark) Raynor tendered her resignation from the Beautification Committee to the Board, stating that as a wife, a mother and a professional educator, she could no long be a part of the current Village Administration.

As with "Topsy," the Jimmy Raynor issue has "just growed."


1. Max Mascia said...

Drug and alcohol testing for lifeguards???? Did I miss something for 30 years???

Funny you should ask....

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