I couldn't believe my eyes!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I couldn't believe my eyes!

From today's Long Island Business News:

Less than 200K left without power on Long Island


The report began:

"The Long Island Power Authority Wednes­day morning said power has been restored to about 333,000 customers, but that 190,000 remained without electricity – in­cluding some critical care customers such as nursing homes – in the wake of Hurri­cane Irene."

And LIPA is touting this as a positive?

Four days after a weakening Category 1 Hurri­cane hits us, and there's still nearly 200,000 homes and businesses without power?

Where would LIPA's customers be if "Irene" had struck us at its Category 2 or 3 strength?

I thought it was a malfunction in LIPA's auto­mated telephone messaging system when a call this morning said that the company was still working to restore electricity to everyone.

Almost 26 years after what one would have thought were the lessons of Hurricane Gloria, LIPA's still acting like LILCO... did William Catacosinos sneak back as Chairman when no one was looking?

Long Island's Legislative representatives need to look into this and hold some feet to the fire.


1. Hunt Marchwald said...

Optimum did no better - 3 days without phone service in a commercial zone?

2. Mattie said...

We still have no power.

Think back to '85... we've both lived through worse (aftermaths).

3. Merle Delfay said...

According to Connecticut Light & Power I will not have power until Sept 8th in Ridgefield, Connecticut!

Now, Merle, you and Pee c'mon down and hang out with us for a bit. Jeanne's got some days off, and it'll be fun.

4. Hampton West said...

Dean, the lights flickered from time to time but Hampton West Estates had power the whole time. Must be a legacy of your time here.

Don't know that I ever rode out a hurricane in my time there.
– Dean

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