Wet but not flooded!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wet but not flooded!

(This was written late Sunday morning, hours before I had regained Internet access.)

Let's dispense with the bullroar right up front... while CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are reporting to their titillation-starved viewers that "Westhampton Beach's Main Street is under water," in reality it's the South Main Street Parking Lot that is flooded from Moniebogue Canal, and the main thoroughfare is jus' fine.

It's times like that that I really miss Alec Nagle III, one-time Editor of The Hampton Chronicle-News who went to work in the latter '70s as news honcho for CNN, and was always accessible.

I would have loved to have 'phoned in a corrective report and known that it would get on the air.

Spurred by calls to my reserved cellular number asking if, based on the National "news" reports, Jeanne, the dogs and I needed evacuating, mid-morning I reconnoitered as much of the area as possible.

(Access South of Main Street was interdicted by Village Police and Constabiles TDY from West Hampton{sic} Dunes.)

The rest of Westhampton Beach that I saw looked pretty much like our yard on East Main... branches and a few limbs down, wet leaves everywhere, and a few lines on the ground.

(Wires which may or may not be "live" have always given me pause since the death of the Topping girl in Oneck over half-a-century ago)

Here's what was found:

Westhampton Beach 7Eleven
Ideal time to run a special on bottled water. No price gouging at the Sunset Avenue 7-Eleven.
Large branch down in mid-Main Street
Big branch down in front of Reynolds Realty...
DPW at work Sunday morning
...but the Westhampton Beach Department of Public Works was on it!
The Mitchell property
Tom Mitchell lost part of a big one on the corner of Potunk Lane and Hansen Place.
Saint Mark's Church
As did Saint Mark's Church on the corner of Potunk and Main Street.
Baby Shock
Neither rain nor sleet nor a little thing like a Hurricane Warning will deter Elyse from doing business.
Gawd willing and the crick don't rise...

Well, the crick has risen!

Moniebogue Canal
Upper Moniebogue Canal surged and overflowed to form Lake Parlato.
Moniebogue Canal
South Main Street Parking Lot
And yes, I'll make certain allowances for the media's penchant for hyperbole, but in my never-quite-humble-enough-opinion, I'd say that the South Main Street Parking Lot is flooded!

All things considered, Westhampton Beach has survived far worse disasters, both man-made and natural.


1. Hampton West said...

What did you download your photos with Dean? I can't see or open them (I have a MacBook).

Not much damage up here - a few tree limbs, thats all.

Try it now... they were uploaded correctly, but with the wrong code. (I'm on my laptop on a borrowed connection.

2. Hampton West said...

Used my old Dell with Chrome as the browser – no problem viewing.

Everything should work now... my error originally.

3. Barbara Ramsay said...

Glad to hear you are safe. Looks like some Main Street basements will be flooded again.

4. Jeanne Speir said...

Hi Barb, this Main Street basement is dry as a bone. I'm glad the electricity is up and running again.

Power returned to this part of Main Street at 2:21 am.

5. Marilyn Tawfik said...

Does anyone know if Library Avenue passable yet?

The Westhampton Beach Police Department does: 631-288-3444.

6. Peggy Speir said...


Indeed, my darling daughter1
– Dean

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