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Monday, October 29, 2007

da Scoop!

Have been listening all day to WLNG with one ear and News12 with the other, and nothing as yet on the Southampton Town Republican Supervisor candidate Linda Kabot's announced "press conference," so it's uncertain whether it has even transpired at this posting.

But after a little digging it's emerging that the target of her attack, even after her Democratic opponent Jim Henry gave her a free shot with his nocturnal antics in Town GOP Secretary Ann LaWall's front yard, is incumbent Supervisor and Conservative candidate Patrick "Skip" Heaney.

The newest GOP Town Board signage

Supporters of Mr. Heaney, including Suf­folk Conserv­a­tive Party Vice-Chairman William Fries who serves at the right hand of Chairman Ed Walsh Jr., were caught by police from Quogue Village and Southampton Town early Thursday morning, in the process of absconding with one of Mrs. Kabot's brand new signs in the back of their vehicle.

The shocking part of the story is that two of the "black ops" crew nabbed were identified as Suffolk County Correctional Officers!

(Correctional Officers operate under the aegis of the Sheriff, and it was just two years ago when Conservative Vincent DeMarco ran on the Democratic line to win the position away from incumbent Sheriff Alfred Tisch.)

No arrests were effected, but police reports were logged. If the allegations hold up, and Mrs. Kabot's can effectively tie that tin can to Mr. Heaney's vulnerable rump, then the in­cumbent had better hope there's a slot open for him in Suffolk OTB after the new year.

But the biggest beneficiary of this bizarre happen­stance could be Left-leaning Newsday who will undoubtedly launch a Watergate-style investigation into what roles Sheriff DeMarco and Mr. Walsh might have had in this matter. (Both Newsday and MSNBC have already reported on this story.)

The accompanying photo is of an as yet un-defaced sign promoting the GOP's top three candidates placed on the property of Mrs. Kabot's family in Westhamp­ton. The real oddity here is that none of the three Repub­lican candidates for the Town Board are iden­tified with any political subdivision, party or position (row) on the ballot.


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