Pre-Irene Notes and Snaps

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pre-Irene Notes and Snaps

Updated 08/27/2011 – 01:06 am

Hurricane Warning Flag

Lotsa preparations for the Hurri­cane named "Irene" this after­noon from around the Village all the way to The White House after Governor Cuomo asked President Obama to declare a state of emergency cov­ering the counties of The Bronx, Kings, Manhattan, Queens, Richmond, Nassau and, yes, Suffolk!

Never mind that the first tree has yet to be blown over or house be washed away!

Our preparations were relatively simple... gas up the generator and make sure it runs, lay in a fresh bottle of LPG from the nice folks at Liberty Gas, and a final stop at "Highway Hardway" to get my old heavyweight four D-cell flashlight working.

They just laughed when I walked in with it.

"Batteries? We don't got no stinkin' batteries, and haven't had any since yesterday!"

Fortunately, all I needed was a replacement bulb for the device, so we were able to transact some business.

During the big blow of '38, my paternal grandmother Beatrice chopped her way out of her attic and onto the roof of her disintegrating house at the end of Basketneck Lane in Remsenburg, and there she remained 'til she, her pooch and my father's three dogs were rescued by a passing sailor.

Jeanne's emergency hatchet

My wife knows that story and decided to put the finishing touches on her own emergency preparedness plan with the ac­quisition of a sturdy hatchet

(Well, that's her story, so if in the not-too-distant future I should suffer a particularly grisly demise with my skull cleaved, please forward this passage to the authorities.)

And while I was out laying in supplies, victuals division, I saw that Dean's Country Market was displaying a hurricane warning of its own...

Front door of Dean's Country Market

...perhaps reminding the unwary that there's dirty weather afoot.

But the oddest sight I came across this day was on Sunset Avenue...

Waldbaum's, boarded up

...and as noted earlier, a vista like this is something for which I've long been prepared, just not because of an approaching hurricane, though.

Despite the desolate-looking exterior, within business was flourishing, and the shelves were well-stocked with everything except batteries and candles.

At the end of Library Avenue at Surfside 3, Vic Levy was busy busy busy, hauling customers' boats and... I especially liked this... making space for boats which were to be hauled Satur­day afternoon because...

"The morning's going to be nice, and we want to be out on the water."

I suggested that he was being whimsical.

"Absolutely not! I've had more than one tell me that."

Ah, yes... the well-to-do don't like to be in any way inconvenienced!

This just in...
Dr. Simon R. R Atkins

No less (and no more) than one Dr. Simon R. R Atkins, CEO of Advanced Forecasting Corpora­tion, was occupied sharing his own views on Irene earlier today:

"The demise of 'Irene' has already begun. There is no visible eye. The storm intensity is down to 99 mph. This would be a low-end category 2 or a strong category 1 storm, while 36 hours ago some predicted a catastrophic category 4 storm. Air Force Reserve aircraft have found that Irene's eyewall has collapsed, and the central pressure has risen -- rising pressure means a weakening storm."

...and in a series of "tweets," asserts that this is "More Politically-Driven Hysteria."

Guy's gotta be smart... just look at his résumé and the size of the forehead on him!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

It's true, it's true. I remember Dean's story of his Grandma axing her way out of the attic onto the roof of her home. And she kept all the pups alive too. What a gal, eh?

Husband, there's a jug of water up there in the attic and my "go-bag" is right by the top of the stairs with meds, food, bug spray, a can opener and a change of drawers! Your survival is assured, my dear, barring tree disasters, which, as I recall, you have inflicted upon yourself!


2. Tugboat Bertha said...

We are inclined to agree with Dr. Simon R.R. Atkins. Hopefully he's right, but your pictures of Main Street and Waldbaum's boarded up does give one misgivings. We are as prepared as we ever are and prepared to climb into the attic if need be. The Mister even has a saw if we need to break through the roof. Thanks for keeping us posted. We'll see you after the storm clears... if not before.

Stay safe, stay dry, and head for our higher ground if the crick starts to rise.

3. Hampton West said...

Overheard at the Farmer's Market at noon: a vendor was on the cell phone - he got off and announced to the small crowd that he just spoke to his wife who said that the Weather Bureau announced a four foot tidal wave was on its way to strike Long Island... oy vey come on!!!!!

The storm will be rough and if it slows down the tides will be a problem but despite some of the chatter I heard today, this is not 1938.

Or '54 or '60, for that matter! This is nothing, HW, except an embarrassment to all those pants-wetters predicting a Category Three or worse storm! (I actually feel a little sad for that vendor who's obviously married to a dipsomaniac!)

The most positive thing about it all, is that we're most likely going to be spared the ministrations of FEMA.

4. Barbara Ramsay said...

Keep me updated as to your well being. I worry about the two of you!

Golly, Barb, you and Steve are more at risk on Marathon than you ever were on Sunset!

5. Hambone said...

Correction: That's not a forehead that's a fivehead

6. Barbara Ramsay said...

That may be true Dean, but you're the ones battening down the hatches not us!

7. Hampton West said...

Woops!!! My typo - the vendor said a 40 foot tidal wave was on its way, not 4!!!!!! And I re-call a Town official being quoted as saying this could be as bad as 1938 - and he said this on Thursday when the storm was still in the lower Bahamas.

8. Ray Malone said...

Keeping an axe in the attic saved the lives of many New Orleanians during Katrina six years ago this month. Woe to those who lack(ed) that precautionary foresight (or as in your case, the practical lesson learned and passed on from an experienced elder).

9. Jeanne Speir said...

Yeah, like that....

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