Wedding Bells peal in Oakland

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Bells peal in Oakland

Sports headline of this afternoon:

Terrelle Pryor is a Raider

Just on reputations alone, the one-time Ohio State quarterback and Oakland principal owner cum managing general partner Al Davis were destined to find one another.

Pryor at Ohio State

Pryor, suspended earlier by the National Colle­giate Athletic Association for the first five games of this, his senior year, for numerous rule infractions of the type which suggest a decided lack of character and an arrogance which comes with a sense of en­titlement, quickly declared his professional in­tentions rather than accept the consequences of his behavior.

This made Pryor eligible for the National Foot­ball League's Supplemental Draft, and even though NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "picked up" that five-game suspension and applied it to Pryor's rookie season, the Raiders jumped on the opportunity to select him.

(Availing himself of all possible remedies, three days ago Pryor announced that he would appeal the NFL's suspension, mak­ing himself that much more desirable in today's draft.)

The Raiders, being the only team to bid for the quarterback's services, got their man at the cost of a third round selection in next year's regular NFL draft.

Al Davis

For his part, Davis must be tumescent at acquiring a 6'6" 240 pounder with great ath­leticism, mobility and 4.41 speed in the 40-yard dash.

(And he'll likely be laying awake tonight learning that he could have gotten him for a seventh round pick as no one else was interested.)

There's no need to provided a précis of Davis' résumé... anyone who's read this far knows who he is and what he's done over the past 51 years, as coach and general manager and even the AFL Commissioner prior to the merger with the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones thinks he heavy hitter in the professional game. He's a lightweight next to Davis who, at 83, is 50 pounds lighter and 13+ years his senior.

(Davis, it should be remembered, is the only man in professional sports to ever trade his coach. Jon Gruden went to Tampa Bay in return for the Buccaneers' 2002 and 2003 first-round draft picks, 2002 and 2004 second-round draft picks, and $8 million in cash.)

Raiders logo

Now Davis has Pryor to wear the notorious silver and black, and there hasn't been a better fit any­where in recent memory.

And I suspect that, if he hasn't already done it, Davis' next step is a call to the Commis­sioner's office to tell Goodell:

"Roger, that 'five game suspension' thing isn't gonna work for me."

Any bets on what the duration will ultimately be?


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