Jus' like the ol' daze...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jus' like the ol' daze...

...'though it sure didn't seem like it three months ago when OtBB last revisited the subject of downtown Westhampton Beach.

That was Memorial Day Friday night, while this was mid-August Saturday night... and Main Street was teeming as if the Marakesh was still open and The Patio in full swing!

Instead of one of our other "eat-out" haunts, we decided to dine at The Post Stop Café and give a listen to Johnny Romo's great voice on the front porch of Sexton Commons.

Because Jeanne did a mischief to her foot and is encumbered by a cast boot, rather than our usual three block stroll, we drove... and circled the area for 20 minutes before happening on what may have been the last parking space in the Village a little way up Glover's Lane.

Getting from there to The Post Stop was something of an ordeal, with the throng of people assembled to hear the music outside Beach Bakery, with kids joustling one another and adults alike, rushing anywhere, nowhere... it didn't matter, they were just in hurried motion, and with no sense of anyone else's personal space.

But we got to our destination, enjoyed a good meal at the bar as there was a wait for a table, and Rob Sheldon is a most convivial barkeep.

On the way back we took one look at the line in Main Street Sweets and decided that dessert would be served at home.

The throng surrounding Beach Bakery had upgraded itself to a phalanx at this point, so that the sidewalk was impassable and we had to circumnavigate it via the street.

(I had to ask myself... cui bono? Simon's tables were full, although few seated and none of those standing were noshing on any of his confections.)

But with all the pedestrian and vehicular traffic, business was being done, and in this economy, that's not a bad thing.


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