HUSH your mouth!

Friday, August 12, 2011

HUSH your mouth!

Because I am sometimes a little late to the party, an off-hand remark by a friend subse­quently clicked in and a 'Net search led me to this site of local interest:

HUSH Quiet Skies, Inc.

This is a little embarrassing because the domain has been around a tad longer than

But the upside of that is that at four years old, they're not a "flash in the pan," #1, and, #2, they sure don't spend a great deal of effort "tooting their own horn."

But one feature of their site, a "didjaknow" point, immediately caught my attention:

  • Expanding aviation activities with{sic} the Pine Barrens Preserve above the com­munities's only source of water places our natural resources in jeopardy?


Further poking around the HUSH site found this:

"...the foremost priorities must be protect­ing our drinking water from pollution and preventing further disturbance of the Pine Barrens."

Bullshit burgee

Gotta hoist the flag on that one!

HUSH's "foremost priorities" are revealed by their name... they don't want noisy aeroplanes, either the jet-propulsion variety or those with variable pitch propellers, disturbing their peace and quiet.

Can't say as I blame them!

But then it all comes back to the basic, and this isn't a "the chicken or the egg" argument: the aerodrome was there l-o-n-g before any members of HUSH or their sympathizers built or purchased there.

About the water issue...

Our drinking water is, and always has been, a significant issue, especially with what was then Suffolk County Air Force Base.

Any doubts about that, just ask the long term resident of Peters Lane who in the early '70s subsisted on bottled water trucked in by the County after a petroleum plume from a J2 fuel spill... fluids seeking their own level... had migrated to the Southeast.

Look at any topographical map and draw a line from the apron of the "Ready Hangers" where the 98th Fighter Interceptor Squadron's F-101 Voodoos were on alert, to the headwaters of Aspatuck Creek... and that's Peters Lane right there in the plume's path.

The USAF institutionally denied any respons­ibility, of course, and everyone coughed dis­creetly and looked the other way while SCWA laid pipe to Peters Lane.

But that was caused by a fuel spill in the late '60s, not from over-flights.


1. Hampton West said...

I know these folks and they are well intentioned - I agree the water issue is a bit much here but if these folks weren't active and complaining, the noise situation would be much worse.

Okay... I accept that.

What I cannot accept is any attempt to shut down the airport, the way the newbies to the West went after the drag strip and have been on the case of the Suffolk County Police Range!

There's several more interesting stories to be told about those situations.

"Well intentioned?" Isn't that code for "nice but inept?"

2. The Quiogue Kid said...

The Quiogue Association also tries to get people to monitor airport noise as well. They are usually shot down by long time locals with the same argument the airport was there first. Wonder what they would have thought of the old days and the air base air shows when the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels flew over at 200 feet off the ground and rattled everything in our house. We loved it!

3. Hampton West said...

I think the concern is the military spilled fuel, so what is to prevent Sheltaire (the newest Fixed Base Operator) from doing the same thing. Well, Sheltaire to their credit is reasonably well known (fly into Jacksonville, they do the fueling) so they are a national firm. I think the military got away with a lot because of who they were and some folks are concerned that Sheltaire may do the same thing - but so far things seem good.

You've made my brief for me... plus, Sheltaire (or any FBO) is the responsible party, a role the USAF declined to accept.

Are you aware of how SCAFB was demobilized in 1969? If anyone were to hit the Pine Barrens with a pulse induction device, they would find large caches of military desks, chairs, lockers, etc., that were simply buried with bulldozers and abandoned... nice, huh?
– Dean

4. Hampton West said...


Every now and then there is a sink hole here at Hampton West – usually after a heavy rain in a resident's back yard. We think that the Air Force buried trees and brush as Hampton West was built and the sink holes are the results of this but every now and then I'm afraid someone will turn over a spade of earth and find a live ordinance - after all these years.

There was no magazine or ammo locker in that area, or anti-aircraft batteries... those were West of there in North Speonk or to the North West over where HAC is now.

But then I fear you'll always suffer from a certain amount of enuresis ignavus when the subject of ordnance is raised.

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