Good Patch Poll

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Patch Poll

I am not particularly disposed toward the Patch collection of Internet "news" sites for a variety of reasons, starting with the fact that they are AOL-owned.

In their editorial staff's need for "content," they will often mount polls, too often absurdly conceived ones along the lines of:

"Do you think the economic down-turn is bad for our country?"

The response choices are:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Undecided

(Okay, so these are designed for AOLers, and if you don't know what Ray Owens early on said about AOL subscribers, do a little research!)

But the current Patch poll is a good, if a tad obvious, one, and some of the associated comments are notable:

Do You Think There is Too Much Noise Coming from Gabreski Airport?

"The Quogue Association says it has had enough with the noise generated by landings at Gabreski Airport and plan to start an on-line petition that demands pilots use a runway that does not send aircraft over Quogue Village.

Patch wants to know: Does the airport noise bother you?"

I don't know if the poll actually reads "Quogue Village," or that's just Erica's understanding of it, but I do know that "Quogue Village" for the most part doesn't care a whit about Gabreski.

Nope, the agitators are residents of North-of-the-Highway 11959, mainly in the "Wildlife" subdivisions developed by Ken Tedaldi, all of which were built 40-45 years after the airport was opened and operational.

As the Brits say: "Hard cheese!" Got a problem with your home being under a flight path? Take it up with your real estate broker and stop whining!


1. Gordie Howe said...

Hey Dean --

The agitators up North have nothing to do with this one.

The Quogue Association and the Village ignore us as stepchildren. We aren't a part of the Village - although we have the zip, school and are Fire Department members.

The Village is geting drowned by jet traffic that is going down the short Gabreski runway - our noise up here is mainly from the 106th ANG - and God bless those guys and gals - we don't complain about our heroes!

It's a simple thing to correct though - enforce the noise abatement procedures that take flights out over the Pine Barrens.



If you have achieved to "stepchildren" status in your lifetime, you should consider it a significant accomplishment! All these years there, and you still haven't figured out what Quogue is all about?

For starters, Quogue isn't even part of The Hamptons... it's, well, "Quogue." (There's also some question about whether it's even part of the United States as it has routinely dispenses with sections of the Constitution for which it has little use.)

If Gabreski Airport had at any time been a disturbance of any sort to "Quogue," conversations would have occurred at the Field Club, steps would have been taken and it would have been decommissioned and plowed under the week following V-J Day.

This very much is rousing by the North-of-the-Highway rabble "stepchildren."
– Dean

2. Bob Schunk said...

The Airport was built in the '40s, and has been a very integral part of this community. I built my house in the '60s, about 1/2 mile from the airport.

It would seem unlike some people, I was aware there was an airport in the area.

– Bob

Right! The difference is that no one would ever mistake either of us for Yuppies!

3. Jeanne Speir said...

Must be working. They're starting to fly low and regularly over our house here on East Main Street in Westhampton Beach.

Really? I hadn't noticed... seriously!

And I'm not aware of any landing pattern which would go over this house.

4. Champ19 said...

Several years ago I was shown a copy of a deed from a parcel of property in the "Wildlife" area of Quogue. On this deed was a disclosure that this parcel was subject to "aircraft noise," I believe it was written. I could be wrong in the exact wording. However, the intent was clear. You are living next to an airport!

I believe these disclosures were mandated as a result of a law which, among other things, required that anything which could affect property values be made apparent. I do not know if the original "Wildlife" deeds included this, but those parcels resold subsequently did.

Good stuff, Jan! Thanks.

5. Hunt Marckwald said...

When I owned what was referred to as "The Windmill House" on Club Lane in Quogue we were directly beneath a landing pattern and the house was used as a landmark on aeronautical charts.

And... and... and....

6. Ray Overton said...

Good thing those folks didn't build/buy during the peak of the Viet Nam War. The AF Phantoms that flew out of "Gabreski" when Gabby was actually the CO there were on another level as far as noise. Today's planes are like a Prius in comparison. As someone in the flight path for the 6/24 runway for a majority of my life, I really don't have much sympathy for those who live in the 1/19 flight path. It is not regularly used and is certainly not used regularly by the heavier duty aircraft.

Note that "sympathy" is not the long suit here, Ray.

7. Hampton West said...

I've been up at Hampton West since 1978 – and for about 28 years noise was not a real problem here. We're a mile west of the airport – we will get noise from time to time... no big deal... until 2006 when the 'copter traffic bloomed and Friday nights became a scene out of "Apocalypse Now." This summer actually has been much better, 'copters have been a minimal annoyance. Some of the jets that are taking off to the Southwest like to pull up and bank to the Northwest right over my house – and these I report to the Gabreski online complaint center. But I only do this when they are actually noisy. I've noticed some planes are rather quiet – either I suppose by design or by the pilot performing some action. Some of the single prop planes are incredibly noisy and if they fly overhead I complain, but if they are quiet I don't bother – it is an airport after all.

Some of our residents have met with the airport managers and I have the impression they are really trying to control the situation.

I wouldn't gripe about the helicopters until they start blasting "Ride of the Valkyries" out of external 200 watt speakers as they pass overhead.
– Dean

8. Virginia Whitelaw said...

Hey! It's an airport! Get over it!

Precisely... and did I mention that it's an airport which has been there for almost 70 years!

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