New Man of Steel unveiled

Saturday, August 06, 2011

New Man of Steel unveiled

Nestled among the major news feeds this week... the partial shutdown of the FAA, Obama celebrating his 50th birthday with a burger... was a first look at what Henry Cavill will look like as the next "Superman."

(Hey!, I wasn't so hot on what the last one, Brandon Roth, looked like!)

I could care less... not that I'll even be around when the "reboot" is released in June 2013... because the issue of who "Superman" is and what he looks like was resolved for me long ago.

I grew up with glimpses of Kirk Alyn in the old Columbia serials but primarily it was George Reeves in the first live action movie and 104 episodes of the weekly 30-minute TV show.

But it wasn't until 1978 when Warner Brothers produced it's big budget, all-star "Superman The Movie" that Hollywood got it right!

And it hasn't been improved upon in the ensu­ing four decades!

The script was a delight, the performances, es­pecially by Margot Kidder ("Lois Lane"), Gene Hackman and Ned Beatty as the brains and hatchet heavies, were terrific and as the title character, unknown Christopher Reeve was, to borrow from "Tony the Tiger," g-r-r-e-a-t!

I loved everything about it, and laughed and clapped all the way through it... each of the first three times I saw it!

Christopher Reeve as "Superman"

So Reeve... not Reeves... is my guy when it comes to portraying "Man of Steel."

Even if he'd played it just the one time, instead of that and the lesser quality three sequels, he'd still be be my top choice!

O, and this what new guy Cavill is supposed to look like:

Henry Cavill as "The Man of Steel"

Hey!, I'm more into "Batman," anyway!


1. Terry Smith said...

"...not that I'll even be around when the 'reboot' is released in June 2013????" Is your demise imminent?

I hope not, but as eight decades have shown me, there's no guarantees in life.

2. Jim Cordo said...

Where you going?

See previous Comment response.

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

There are those who would say you are going to hell in a hand basket. There are others who say you are next in line to the archangel Gabriel. Live long and prosper, Speir!

4. Mrs16861 said...

And then there are those of us waiting for Anne Hathaway as "Catwoman."

Seen this?

She has to do a better job of it than Halle Berry, perhaps even Michelle Pfeiffer. (We won't even talk about Lee Meriwether, Ertha Kitt or Julie Newmar!)

All things considered... and I've considered this a considerable amount... give me Tim Burton's brilliant 1989 version of "Batman" with Michael Keaton and the late Micdhael Gough as the truest realization of "Alfred" yet. The first 15 minutes of that film are riveting, and generated goose-flesh!
– Dean

5. Professor Wagstaff said...

"She has to do a better job of it than Hallie{sic} Berry..."

Try "Halle." Mrs. Greenwood would have smacked your hand with her ruler.smiley

It's all Hallie Martin's fault! Took me some time to get used to her unique spelling, and it's stuck with me, I guess. My bad!

Did my Third Grading in Leavenworth, Kansas... the Fort, not the Penitentiary... so I never had the woman as a teacher!

Your point, however is taken... "Old Lady Weyrauch" would have had my guts for garters! (Woman refused to retire as long as Milton Raynor, Alan Hallock, Raymond Downs and I were still anywhere in the Six Corners system.)
– Dean

6. Tugboat Bertha said...

"Old Lady Rock" put me in the hall every time I laughed when she said, "Get that Cheshire Cat grin off your face." She made us memorize the names of all the local elected politicians--even the ones from upstate where she came from. She had a funny "apple-knocker" accent. She lives long in our memory from the sounds of it.

The mere mention of the woman intimidated me no end! Others feared Sally Raynor, but since she was a relative on my mother's side (of course), no fear.

I don't remember what she sounded like, only that she was fearsome for me to behold.

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