Kinda makes one wonder...

Friday, August 05, 2011

Kinda makes one wonder...

...exactly what goes into George Malamas' decision-making process behind the scenes at 85 Montauk Highway.

This just arrived in the OtBB Comment queue, courtesy of "Martin," to be appended to this entry from last December:

"Atomic wings is now offering 15% off via DailyGobble."

Since I don't know "Martin" and his e-Dress is at the DailyGobble domain, my first instinct was to fire off a note to him to "buy an adv.!"

But curiosity prevailed and I followed the link to the "deal" details to learn more because, hey!, "15% off" is nothing to be taken lightly, even if the New York State Sales Tax people reclaim more than half of that "savings."

But after reading the "fine print" and figuring out the hoops one has to jump through for that 15%... it's not discounted at the register!... I wouldn't bother even if it was free!

First, the customer requires a mobile 'phone with a camera capability.

Then after paying the full freight at the regis­ter, the customer takes a snap-shot of the register receipt, uploads it using a special "ap" to the DailyGobble site... after signing up and providing all sorts of personal information!

Then, according to DailyGobble...

"Within one hour after uploading a photo of your check, your rebate is available for withdrawal from your DailyGobble account."

And that's the simplified version!

How 'bout this, George...

  1. I come in, buy a single order of BBQ Boneless Wings for the menu price of $9.59.
  2. I give you $8.85... $9.59 less the $1.44 15% off plus 70¢ NYS Sales Tax (calculated on the discounted price).
  3. I check the register receipt to make sure you got it right, then toss it in the waste basket and go eat my food!

You get my money, you don't have to pay DailyGobble's Dazhi Chen any service fee, and you do not not NOT get any of my contact in­formation for Chen to sell to spammers!

If that doesn't work for you, see ya!

O, and corporate still hasn't fixed that "West Hamptons" screw-up on their Website.


1. Jim Cordo said...

LOL. A colonoscopy seems easier and less invasive.

2. WHBYankee said...

Here is a write up on Patch about Big City Burgers. I'm curious why the owner George doesn't divulge his last name.

Found that odd myself, but he seems to have some unresolved business in a neighboring state which may explain his "shyness." It must be noted, however, that the linked site is not official, the person who posted it is using a pseudonymous "'Net name," and the accusation may have no basis in fact.

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