August Village Board Meeting

Thursday, August 04, 2011

August Village Board Meeting

It was, as mid-Summer Village Board meet­ings go, an extraordinarily short one... in and out in under 14 minutes, including the Pledge of Allegiance and some tense colloquy between Mayor Conrad Teller and former Deputy Mayor Mark Raynor.

The agenda was discharged expeditiously... no surprises with any of the resolutions before the floor was opened for Public Discussion.

The sole speaker was Mr. Raynor, who ques­tioned the Board about a policy regarding Village employees not being allowed to "leave work" in order to response to a Fire Depart­ment signal.

The Mayor, in very guarded and specific lan­guage, responded that the policy was in force only in so far as Life Guards at Village Beaches were concerned.

Mr. Raynor, feeling that the policy is being directed at his his son Jimmy, pressed the matter, and asked if other Village employees, including a Fire Department member who works for the Department of Public Works, were affected by this policy.

Mayor Teller again stated that affected only Life Guards.

While Mr. Raynor was clearly not satisfied with the policy, and offered his own reasoning re­garding the policy, the issue seems destined to be revisited in the very near future.

A portent: the Empress of Oneck and her co­terie... including Junior Palmer and Angelo de la Fuente... were in attendance.

Señor de la Fuente did not pose the question he had vowed to ask, so perhaps he is edu­cable after all.


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