'Phone call from the pokey...

Thursday, August 04, 2011

'Phone call from the pokey...

...from no less, and no more, a personage than the incarcerated George Guldi, presently wearing County Jail green in Riverhead!

And it only cost me $14.95 to hear him out for all of 15 minutes!

It wasn't much of a bargain at a dollar-a-minute, but it was interesting to hear from my long-time rear yard neighbor, if only to get a sense of how well he's "jailing."

"I'm down 45 pounds, I've have lost 5½ inches from my neck, and I've been doing a lot of Tai Chi and yoga," he volunteered.


"Basically, I'm down five dress sizes, and my lower back and knee haven't felt this good in years!"

He related the reason he called... which, upon request, I'll have to reserve at this time... and then spit-balled a couple of items.

Why is District Attorney Tom Spota griping about your recent concurrent sentencing by Judge Doyle?

"Because it was the Judge's idea, not his! Spota wanted me to do 21-45 years!"

(Oops! Sorry, Tom. [heh heh])

Terri Scofield?

"Someone with whom I had a 2½ week relationship, not the 2½ years she's alleging."

Then he had to ring off because it was time for his session with the law books.

The impression is that George is jailing better than I had expected, #1, and, #2, he oozed great confidence that he would prevail in his struggle within the criminal justice system.

But then I've seen that before, and as I've often noted, George is a very bright guy... just never near as bright as he is sure he is!


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