Kabot Calls for Justice… or something

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kabot Calls for Justice… or something

Someone, it seems, has been stealing South­ampton Town Republican Supervisor Candidate Linda Kabot's signs, and it's bothersome enough that she's called a Monday morning press conference, the time dependent on when News12 can get a camera crew there.

In police work, that would be known as "a clue" as to what this is all about... exposure! Not necessarily of any miscreant, but definitely for the slow-starting but always photogenic Mrs. Kabot.

As usual, timing is everything, and it's instructive to note that:

  • Mrs. Kabot and the Town GOP didn't put their signs up until the middle of last week.
  • By week's end, Mrs. Kabot had an­nounced her press event and the subject, the vandalism and theft of the GOP signs.

She was shocked, shocked!, she will tell us, to learn that this was going on... and that it was happening to her and her organization!

(Willikers, Linda! Don't feel like The Long Rangerette... it happens every election out here, as a seasoned politician such as yourself should be aware! And when it's not campaign signs during election season, it's dueling real estate brokers! Anyone who thinks that politics is a dirty game, has never held a real estate license in The Hamptons!)

Watching Mrs. Kabot hold her photo op and posing as an offended innocent should be fun for just about everyone but her Democratic opponent Jim Henry, 'cause ya gotta know that considerable innuendo if not outright accusations will, understandably, be leveled in his direction.

(Yes, just a month ago Mr. Henry was caught with his political pantalones down around his ankles on [gasp!] GOP Committeewoman Ann LaWall's lawn... vandalizing a sign! In the past, had any other Democratic Supervisor Candidate been caught in that manner, they'd've done a Floyd Patterson after the second Sonny Liston fight, grabbed a false beard and some dark glasses and skulked out of town!)

If Mrs. Kabot does indeed cast an accusatory eye on Mr. Henry later this morning, there's little he can do other than, in the tried and true strategy of compromised Cold War oper­atives: admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter-accusations.

So Mrs. Kabot will have her media exposure in plenty of time for the local newspapers' dead­lines and News12's afternoon update, and Mr. Henry will have his uneasy moments... and the voters should see if former Southampton Town Supervisor and Kabot-mentor Vince Cannuscio can be spotted in the background.


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