Deconfusing Angelo - II

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Deconfusing Angelo - II

(Being a continuation of "Deconfusing Angelo - I.")

This is no longer a challenge, but a misguided endeavor from the start!

Following last month's Village Board meeting, Señor de la Fuente had braced me on several issues, and challenged me to address them, even though they did not affect me directly.

The matter of the Departmental discipline of the two officers involved with the traffic stop of then-Supervisor Linda Kabot in which the patrol vehicle dashboard camera was turned off in direct violation of a memo from Chief of Police Ray Dean, was addressed earlier.

Angelo de la Fuente

(We shall see whether Angelo still in­tends, per his vow, to raise that question at this evening's Village Board meeting.)

The other issue, that of how Village Clerk Kathy McGinnis' successor was selected, was trickier because I'd never heard even a whis­per of impropriety raised.

At first Angelo suggested that the ol' fix was in, and that Rebecca Molinaro, who came out of Assemblyman Fred Thiele's office as did Mrs. McGinnis in 1995, "was given" the position.

When I followed that up with a copy of last Winter's legal notice advertising the position and requesting résumés, I learned that five candidates had been interviewed.

I made a special trip to 30 Old Riverhead Road to let the man know that his conspiracy notion was unfounded....

Ennnt! Silly me!

"So they advertised in the paper," Angelo shot back. "They couldn't find anyone who lived in the Village who was qualified for the job?"


"Why did they 'give' it to Mrs. Molinaro instead of someone local?" he demanded to know.

While I had no idea of why this was the focus of his interest, it did seem ironic that the Remsenburg/Speonk resident felt that another Remsenburg resident wasn't "local" enough to fill the position.

(And of course Mrs. McGinnis has all along been a Remsenberg resident as well.)

What I was missing was the information that at least one of the other interviewees for the position was a Westhampton Beach resident favored by Angelo.

Who it was is less important than the fact that Angelo was seeking a "hook" in Village Hall be­cause, well, he does (with some justification) consider himself a king (or queen) maker... he has always been politically active that way.

Whether his ultimate objective is still obtaining the $2300 accrued sick time to which he feels his wife, a part-time Village employee, was en­titled when she retired in 2004, is unknown.

(Municipal Labor Counsel reviewed the is­sue and determined that she was not eli­gible for the money. Angelo disagreed.)

So it seems that Señor de la Fuente is a man with an agenda, a major aspect of which is gaining greater influence within Village Hall.

(And he calls me "power mad!")

Ultimately, there is "no" deconfusing Angelo de la Fuente, or even re-educating the man.

He is who he is, a gnat-like homunculus with, like a dung-flinging simian in a zoo, an over-riding need for attention, and an unwillingness to grasp some basics.

So, I'm out!


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