Put a sock in it, Spota!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Put a sock in it, Spota!

Again, just in from 27East:

Guldi Pleads Guilty To 35 Counts, Will Receive Concurrent Sentence

Now, either several months in the county pokey has sapped much of George's trucu­lence, or he has come to understand the futility of his predicament, trying to mount an effective defense, pro se, because he's out of money.

(He saw what that got him the first time around: 4-12 years in a genuine prison.)

So my former neighbor, who earlier this week had the Village of Westhampton Beach begin the process of razing the Guldi family home­stead on Griffing Avenue, has... uncharacter­istically... gone quietly.

And a number of people, including no doubt Suffolk County Judge James F.X. Doyle, are grateful that he won't be braying and flailing in the court room for however long he could have dragged out another jury trial.

(I mean, air conditioning or not, River­head in August? Cruel and unusual)

Here's the rub: Suffolk County District Attor­ney Thomas Spota is pouting, saying he is...

"...extremely disappointed that, over our objection, the judge has promised the defendant a sentence that is completely inadequate to punish him and deter the massive mortgage fraud that has so severely impacted our local economy."

Pure posturing... and he's not even up for re-election for another two years!

Note that disbarred attorney Guldi "pleaded guilty to 35 felony counts," so he was offered, and accepted, a deal, not by the Judge, but by the DA's office!

What sort of deal would either the prosecution or the defense enter into, which did include not some sort of sentencing agreement?

George is headed the same place he was head­ed before the plea deal, for the same amount of time. Such a deal!

He also spared the taxpayers the cost of a trial, and scores of people the discomfort of being sequestered with him for however long the trial lasted... anyone who doesn't think that counts for something, doesn't know George!

As for Spota, he got more headlines, he got an easy 35-count conviction, and I'd wager he's got full cooperation from George in anything as yet unresolved in the $82 million mortage fraud prosecutions.

So suck it up, Tom Spota... stop with the lower-lip quivering and get back to putting the bad guys away.


1. Crabby said...

Wade a minut... isn't it life in prison after three strikes if you're in on felonies?

Bet if he were a poor white guy, an African American or some other ethnic group he'd be deported! What's the deal?

And what about MacPherson? You had him at hello, pegged as a bad guy.

Have we lost all sense of justice? Even the Congress is genuflecting to the rich, and the law now seems tainted by professional familiarity and fraternalism. It breeds contempt with this voter!

How do the little people fare with such damning evidence? Badly, that's how; we'd get no concurrent anything -- but consecutive sentencing. White collar crime is getting another free ride here.

Personally, I'm outraged. Not offended. Outraged! This crap is ruining this nation.

Um, George is "a poor white guy!" (Wasn't always, of course, but he sure is now!)

Don't know what's going on with MacPherson... he's Mister Low-Profile of late. Last I heard, he had his trial severed from Guldi's.

But your social commentary is noted. Seems like you should track down Tom Spota and cry in each other's drinks some evening.
– Dean

2. terriscofield said...

The deal was brokered by Judge James "FiX it" Doyle after I posted Guldi's entire motion for an Order to Show Cause Disqualifying Spota and Appointing a Special Prosecutor, which contained details of Levy's bad acts, illegal acts and active concealment of illegal acts that Guldi had informed the DA of in his proffer last year. Doyle did not want to rule on it amidst the media attention of kicking me out and then being forced to let me back into the court room to blog the proceedings. I'd have much preferred that Guldi held out a little longer - I was eager to see how Doyle would have ruled or avoided ruling!


Not here, okay, Terri!
– Dean

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