How can these be misused?

Friday, July 29, 2011

How can these be misused?

Who can count the ways? From this morning's 27East:

Governor Signs Law Allowing Personal Watercraft To Be Used For Beach Rescues

"Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legis­lation sponsored by two local legislators that allows the use of personal watercraft, or 'jet-skis,' to protect public bathing beaches"

Neat-o! Lifeguards with unfettered access to a Sea-Doo or a Waverunner!

Anyone want to take a stab at the age demo­graphic of a typical Hamptons lifeguard?

The report states:

"The new legislation, sponsored by State Senator Kenneth LaValle and State Assem­blyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., allows the use of personal watercraft in rescues."

If the use of these County, Town and Village-owned personal watercraft can be limited to that, then all will be fine.

But c'mon! Young men... great beach weather... a big ocean... the ennui induced by sitting all day in the hot sun... a Sea Doo just sitting there!


1. Hunt Marckwald said...

Without doubt, this will do more harm than good. Kinda like body surfing with a group on surfboards - dumb!

2. Jim Cordo said...

I can't agree that young men and watercraft can't be trusted. Think Normandy. If I'm out there, stuck in some sea puss, I'd like to know they could use a Sea Doo or a tugboat to drag my 275 lb. body to shore. Know what I mean, Dean?

It has happened to me once in 1970-ish off the old Dune Deck. Luckily I was swimming with two local lifeguards, Tommy and Bruce Hoare (hope I spelled that right). They saved my life no doubt and didn't pay for a single drink all Summer if I was around.

"Normandy?" Are you seriously talkin' June 6, 1944?

3. Jim Cordo said...

I think trained young men (and women, of course) such as soldiers, police and lifeguards can be trusted. I think they should have every advantage available to help them do their jobs. Their lives are at stake also. Jus' sayin.'

We shall see what we shall see!

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