July Trustees Work Session

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July Trustees Work Session

A short agenda for this evening's Village Board Work Session which managed to drag out to nearly an hour since, as Jimmy Durante used to say, "Ev'rybody wanted ta get inta the act!"

(Except for the new gal on the Board who was a no show... though the old one sat in to keep an eye on things.)

Of considerable interest was a presentation for a Dog Park adjoining the Municipal Marina.

It was not dissimilar to the "Harley's Paws" pitch to the Village several years ago: this is our idea and we think you should do it!

Rendering of the proposed Dog Park at the Southeast corner of the Municipal Marina.

The big difference this time is that Colette Leitieri presented some professional renderings and is ready to start fund-raising for the project if the Village is amenable.

The idea looks promising... if the flea problem can be controlled better than is done at the Bide-a-Wee Dog Park.

In other items, the big hoopla about banning plastic shopping bags (read "Waldbaum's plas­tic shopping bags") in the Village was put on hold due to a State preemption law.

The Village will be taking steps to remove the "Attractive Nuisance" from 9 Griffing Avenue... the former Guldi homestead... as soon as the Building Department can figure out who cur­rently owns the property for the purposes of making the required notification.

The Board also gave notice that they intend a change in Village Code to do something about the perceived proliferation of "Vehicles For Sale" on commercial and residential property.

(That would be, in the words of Norman Buntz, "a freakin' quagmire!")

There was also discussion about whether to allow, for a fee of $600 each, Big Brothers/Big Sisters to position two collection containers on Village property.

(The Board was not enthusiastic.)

The subject of a Utility Savings Audit was tossed about, but there was no consensus.

And tha's what happen'd at the July 2011 Village Trustees Work Session!

O, and there was brief but exasperated colloquy about Simon Jorna and the alleged abuse of his Beach Bakery "live music" permit.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

OOO OOO! I would love a dog parksmiley

Gee. I think carefully-placed, there should be no problem with BB/BS putting up a bin for collections. They perform admirable services for kids in need. The bins at the transfer station are almost always full, and who knows where THAT revenue goes?

Used Clothing is a lucrative under the radar business, isn't it?

Thought you'd like that doggie playground idea, but I don't think a five-foot high enclosure is gonna do it! Our little Gracie used to do 6½ feet (standing) without breaking a sweat.

The clothing bin proposal is probably not going to fly... too high maintenance.
– Dean

2. Mrs. Genetics said...

Speaking of revenue, is no one paying taxes on 9 Griffing Avenue, since ownership can't be determined?

Dunno... that would be a productive line of inquiry, though. Either some bank somewhere is keeping the taxes current, or that's a whacking great lien on the property!

3. Crabby said...

Are you saying the freshman Ms. DiBenedetto was not in attendance? And who was watching over her seat?

Yes, Mrs. D. was MIA. And while I don't think "her seat" was in any danger of being stolen, perhaps that's why the Empress showed up.
– Dean

4. Seeker said...

Dog park in city I understand; dog park in Westhampton Beach, no make sense.

As for clothing bins in the Village - aren't there enough at the Westhampton transfer station?

  • It's more about socialization than anything exercise.
  • BB/BS is willing to pay $600/year/bin for the placement, but I don't think it's going to fly.

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