While we were sleeping...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

While we were sleeping...

...some motorized madness was afoot almost beneath our windows, and Police Chief Ray Dean's new toy1 and Gabrielle Propp's hedge paid the price.

This is what the high-priced2 device looked like as it sat clocking vehicular traffic headed from Quiogue into Westhampton Beach yesterday afternoon.

Saturday, July 23 - 05:10 pm

And this is what is lefts of it today after a 5:00 am event which is still an open case3:

Sunday, July 24 - 11:57 am

This isn't the first time something like this has happened.

Just last September a young woman on her brand-new motorcycle coming up Seafield Lane wound up in the middle of our copse of yews, apparently the result of a mechanical problem.

(And nearly 20 years ago, another woman lost control while attempting a U-turn in her silver Mercedes only to wind up in the very same location.)

But one weekday Summer night in the late '80s, a young man who'd imbibed a tad bit too much at a party on Exchange Point, came racing up Seafield Lane and hydroplaned right past the stop sign at Main Street and through the same hedge at the identical spot.

I'm getting the sense of what those poor folks with a home on Old Country Road opposite the end of the Speonk-Riverhead Road have lived with all these years!

  1. It makes a record of traffic flow and their speeds, and is supposed to help the Chief decide how to best deploy his personnel.
  2. Not acquired with asset-forfeiture funds, but straight out of the Police Department budget: $7500 (but a $12,000 value!)
  3. The vehicle involved has been impounded and the police have statements from its four occupants... none of whom admit to being the driver.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Now the deer won't have to jump over Ms. Propp's already deer-bent fence at the Eastern corner; they can stroll right through to Main Street. Best mind that 25mph speed limit if you don't want deer hooves impaling your head through your windshield, ye of lead-accelerator feet! The deer around here stroll the neighborhood at all hours of the day. Today at 10:00 a.m., for instance....

Yes, dear!

2. Barbara Ramsay said...

Well then of course it crashed… no one was driving!

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