Not quite the Eleventh Hour...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Not quite the Eleventh Hour...

...but the GOP has finally surfaced, with postals featuring Town Council Candidate Dan Russo followed by the entire Southampton Town Republican slate led by Supervisor Candidate Linda Kabot, looking as perky and photogenic as Katie Couric once did.

Why the GOP delay? Both Democrat Jim Henry and ousted-Republican-in-Conservative-garb Pat "Skip" Heaney have been at it for several weeks.

(One salient feature of this year's Town-wide election, of course, is that for the first time in the past ten years the Dem­ocrats still have a viable candidate in the race at this late date.)

Rumors have surfaced in those dark corners from whence rumors traditionally emerge, is that the bulk of the Town Republican Com­mittee's funds left Row "B" when Mr. Heaney was tossed off the line on Primary Day, and that the GOP coffers are looking like the Croton Reservoir during the great drought of 1989.

Calls to Town Chairman Marcus Christopher Stinchi for comment were unsuccessful... he was just re-elected to that position so his job isn't on the line at this point, but it would be nice to know his take on the matter.

(And I would have asked him for com­ment on the results of Mr. Heaney's earlier "push poll" which revealed that the GOP cannot take the Town of South­ampton for granted any longer.)

And as the mailings continue, there hasn't been an interesting one since the first one by Mr. Henry masterful double stroke at his two leading opponents. Everything since then has lapsed into mindless banalities and insincere platitudes.

Everyone pledges to:

  • Put an end to illegal housing and en­force the rental laws;
  • Cut spending and reduce taxes;
  • Preserve open space, protect our precious environment, and stop over-development;
  • Create affordable housing for our young people; nauseam.

I'm not a big fan of Congressman Tim Bishop... he suckered me into attending a meeting at the Westhampton Beach Firehouse two years ago in which he was to explain the mysteries of Medicare and prescription plans in respect to Seniors... but his sole statement on the subject was:

"I don't understand the thing myself, and I helped write the legislation! It's broke and somehow we're gonna have to fix it!"

(Thanks, Tim... I'd've done better staying home and watching re-runs of Law & Order on the cable!)

But I'll give him props on having the stones to stand before a packed room at Peconic River Sportsmen's 2005 Legislative Night and tell a bunch of gun-owners:

"You deserve to know where I stand. I believe that the Second Amendment is a collective right, and not an individual one."

No ducking and bobbing on that one, and I respected his forthrightness even while I decry his position... and if the Supreme Court comes down the right way in D.C. vs. Heller next year, I'm going to take great delight in affixing a copy of the decision to the Congressman's District office door.

So, who shall be the first in the Town to act­ually make a forceful statement which is not mind-numbingly commonplace?


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