This evening's meal...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This evening's meal...

...was steamed crow, which not anticipated in May when substantial dubiety was express­ed here about the closing of the Stevens Lane bridge during "high season" and the projected "down time" of three months.

OtBB was even more skeptical when the con­tractor undertaking the rehabilitation of the mighty Moniebogue span delayed starting the project for several more weeks.

Weight advisory

Pfui! What did I know?

The bridge reopened without restrictions this past week... there's still a "10 Ton" weight limitation, but now they mean it!... well ahead of schedule!

Looking West from Library Avenue Looking East from the foot of Mitchell Road

A tip o'the OtBB cap to Suffolk County Depart­ment of Public Works.

I would add that I never should have doubted them.... but previous local experiences with Turkey, Rodgers and West Bay ("Swordfish)" bridges gave understandable pause.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Yes m'friend, the Turkey Bridge job took so long that the wife of the engineer on that job feared her husband would get death threats. Suffolk County outdid itself this time with the swift completion of the Neil Poillon Bridge on Stevens Lane. We join you in kudos for their efficiency this time around.

Just noticed yesterday for the first time, that the plaque on the span... the "Cornelius Poillon Bridge."

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