Con$umer Ga$oline Advi$ory

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Con$umer Ga$oline Advi$ory

Updated 07/22/2011 – 05:09 pm

Being a follow-up to last week's "I've had it with Valero...."

Pump prices have risen again... what else is new?... and I did a quick survey of area gas stations to discover what sort of prices were being charged.

Gasoline Prices at the Pump: 07/21/2011
Brand/Location Cash Plastic
Valero, Eastport     $3.919/gal. $4.019/gal.
Woodie's, Speonk $4.119/gal. $4.219/gal.
Valero, Riverside $3.959/gal. $4.059/gal.
Valero, WHB $3.999/gal. $4.159/gal.
Hess, Quogue $3.979/gal. $3.979/gal.

(Yes, I know it's not "Woodie's" any more, but it's still the best way to identify it.)

Five filling stations within a seven-mile radius.

And, the way things have been over the past 20+ years, the prices could have gone up by the time you read this.

Every several years or so our Assemblyman Fred Thiele issues a press release assuring us that he's going to do something "the higher gasoline prices on the East End..."

(See: "Fed Up at the Pump?")

...but Zone Pricing is still practiced by petro­leum refiners, and East Enders still take it in the seat of their pants where they carry their wallet!


1. Beth Flanagan said...

Stop 'n' Shop gas points: 10 cents a gallon off at Shell for every $100 spent on groceries. Shell's gas is ridiculously expensive but to get relatively less-expensive gas once a month or so is a bonus, in my book.

Okkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... but didja ever do the math?

2. Terry Smith said...

Here's the math for you: Tuesday, the Shell by the Flander's traffic circle was $4.19. Even 10¢-per-gallon off makes it still ridiculous.

Thank you... my point exactly!

3. Champ19 said...

I am sure zone pricing has most to do with the cost, however cost to transport the 7,500 gallons from the loading racks to the East End is another. For example, five years ago the cost to bring a load from New Jersey to Westhampton Beach was about $400.00. Do the math. I am sure this cost has increased substantially and not all gasoline loads out of New Jersey. Of course, go to Riverhead and the gas is considerably less expensive, 15-20¢ per gallon in some locations. Virtually no difference in cost to deliver in Riverhead than Westhampton Beach, so Dean is right on with the price gouging.

Hey!, we're The Hamptons, right? We can afford the surcharge. Hell, Waldbaum's/A&P does it as well.

4. Beth Flanagan said...

Well yeah, I've done the math and of course 10¢ doesn't sound like anything.

But, 40¢-50¢ does, now, doesn't it....

If you're saying that you get 10¢ per gallon discount for every $100 you spend at Stop 'n' Shop, so that the $4.249/gallon I just now saw at the Shell Station on the Riverside Traffic Circle is charged at $3.749/gallon, then mebbe you've got something!

If that's the deal, then you didn't explain it very well the first time around.

5. Jeanne Speir said...

Raspberries to the oil conglomerates!

I paid $3.79 in Kingston, New York yesterday.

On radio news CBS 880, I heard the five dollar a gallon mark was broached in... you guessed it... The Hamptons.

If that CBS 880 report is accurate, then there'll be a lynch mob at Fred Thiele's doorstep any day now.

6. Beth Flanagan said...

"Stop 'n' Shop gas points: 10 cents a gallon off at Shell for every $100 spent on groceries...." I didn't think I needed to 'splain furthersmiley but here's the link.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! All is revealed.

Not a bad deal if'n youse is a power-Stop 'n' Shopper! (Are you running with us, Barn Babe?)

7. Bird Weasel said...

I understood it the first time.

8. Barbara Ramsay said...

Down here the local Winn Dixie has a cents-off promotion as well. They'll have certain items each week that give you 5 cents or 10 cents off per gallon. One week it was the paper towels I always buy and also the toilet paper I always buy. I stocked up on both and a few other items and ended up with $1.15 off of 20 gallons of gas. That was a nice savings. Plus it was from the local gas station we use anyway. Score!

You've always been one of the savviest shoppers I've ever known!

9. Barbara Ramsay said...

After reading my post I want to clarify that I saved $1.15 per gallon, not just $1.15 overall. See you soon! O, and can you turn down the heat up there!

Thank you for the clarification... I may have to investigate this further.

O, Beeettttthhh… we need to talk.

10. Professor Wagstaff said...

It would take approximately 2,000 men to produce the amount of energy required to move an average car down the highway at 50 mph. This uses about 3 gallons per hour. At $4.00/gallon, you are getting the work of 2,000 men for one hour for the price of $12.00. And you complain already! Oy! Zone pricing or not, such a bargain it is.

You've heard of "junk science?" You've now introduced us to junk physics.

11. Hampton West said...

Went there this AM. Thanks for the research - the place is really clean.

12. Tommy John Schiavoni said...

A question: Does our gasoline come from NJ, or from the Northville terminal Northwest of Riverhead?

Don't know... used to see the Northville Industries tankers making deliveries all the time, but I haven't noticed one for some time now.

13. Jim Cordo said...

Meanwhile, I ran out of hot water and had to fill the oil tank. $928! For one tank! (260 gallons @ $3.57). I used to use five tanks a year. Now I burn about a thousand dollars worth of wood and maybe two tanks of oil.

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