Yao Ming and the prediction...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yao Ming and the prediction...

...that made Charles Barkley look silly when the 7'6" Shanghai-born Chinese National was set to make his National Basketball Association debut in 2002.

The Hall of Fame hoops star-turned TNT studio analyst for the NBA cablecasts, didn't think much of Ming's abilities to play in the world's most competitive basketball league, and, on camera, offered to...

"...kiss [fellow broadcaster Kenny Smith's] ass if he gets 19 points in a game this year."

Here's the wager, and the result:

It's impossible to harbor animus for Barkley... he was a great player, and as a broadcaster his humor is marvelously infectious.

I was reminded of this story-line yesterday when I learned that the injury-prone Ming was retiring, having played in only 242 of 410 games over the past five seasons.

When he was healthy, he was a force for the Houston Rockets, for whom he played his entire eight season career.

In that time, Ming played in a total of 486 games, scoring 9247 points, or, fittingly, just over 19 points-per-game.

Take that, Charles Barkley!


1. Hambone said...

Cobb kept detailed notes on every pitcher he faced, especially rookies. His lack of comment of any sort about Ruth has been perceived as pretty damning. Of course Cobb was 5 for 13 off Ruth in 1915, so maybe Ruth didn't have much against Cobb.

Andrew, you have become an absolute master of the irrelevant non-sequitur. We're talkin' Yao Ming and Charles Barkley, and you relate this to Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth... how?

2. Bird Weasel said...

I like Maui in September....

Give it up, BW, the crown is still Andrew's!

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