Who saw <i>this</i> coming?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who saw this coming?

From 27East:

Scalera Gets Independence Party Endorsement In Southampton Over Fleming

O, that's right... OtBB did!

From July 10th's "Southampton Politrix...:"

"Those in the sights of the power-players are Ms. Fleming … courtesy of back-room cross-endorsement deals with Con­servative and Independence Party bosses Ed Walsh Jr. and Frank McKay."

The disturbing part: MacKay is chairman of the county, state and national Independence Party!

There was a terrific, now dated, line in Woody Allen's "Sleeper" when he awakens in the future and is told that the world he had known was destroyed when...

"...a man named Albert Shanker got hold of a nuclear warhead."

Ironically, Shanker is, 14 years after his death and 40-45 years after his "power days" as the head of the United Federation of Teachers, being viewed much more kindly than when he was seen as a loose cannon who lead illegal teachers' strikes.

(One in 1968 shut down virtually all New York City schools for 36 days.)

History is not likely to be so generous with Frank MacKay.


1. Hampton West said...

Shanker hated that line. You never brought up the line or the name Woody Allen around him. He went totally ballistic in a fiscal crises meeting in 1975 when Felix Rohatyn jokingly made reference to it.

In other words, Shanker was the ego-maniac we always thought he must be.

Albert Shanker and Mike Boyle! What a pair!

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