So, just how bad is News12?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So, just how bad is News12?

This just in from a friend of OtBB:

"Apparently News 12 thinks the Southampton Town Board just passed a noise ordinance for Southold."

The provided link led to:

Southampton Town Board approves noise ordinance

...while the lead read:

"(07/19/11) southold - The Southampton Town Board voted unanimously today in favor of a noise ordinance."

Okay, so it's a stoopid mistake!

But it fully supports my long-held contention that the Dolan-owned, which also owns Newsday, is clueless about anything East of Brookhaven Town!

Probably by the time you read this, it will have been corrected, but I can hear someone in the Woodbury office saying something like:

"Southampton... Southold... what's the difference?!?"
Screen capture of original Webpage

Thanks, Ray!


Someone in Woodbury wised up to the gaffe and around 7:42 pm corrected it.

They also scrubbed the Comments making fun of the flub... do we need to mention News12's credibility problems?


1. Surf's Up! said...


2. Bird Weasel said...

News12 and Newsday, both owned by Dolan, are a joke.

You're too generous with your praise.

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