Someone doesn't like the Rabbi

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Someone doesn't like the Rabbi

No, seriously... I mean really doesn't like Hampton Synagogue's Marc Schneier!

And we're not talkin' the Christian Citizens' Council of Quiogue or a bunch of Oirish dipso­maniacs blowing chunks into the rough of the nineteenth hole.

No, it's either a member of the Synagogue, or someone with access to Hampton Synagogue's contacts list.

While the two-page hate mail, with an attach­ment, wasn't signed, there is no suspicion at this time that the person(s) responsible were part of the small group which mailed the two "Dean Speir is a cancer" letters this Spring.

The cited attachment is a reprint of "Beach­head," a warts 'n' all profile published in the June 15th edition of Tablet, self-described as "A New Read on Jewish Life."

One of the more interesting items in the article relates to an OtBB item from April which drew a harsh rebuke from my friend Glenn Dorskind, asserting that:

"Your post on Rabbi Schneier was silly considering Marc was on a well-publicized sabbatical this past year, and therefore was not a candidate and could not qualify for Newsweek's 50 Most Influential Rabbis."

Tablet senior writer Allison Hoffman noted the same anomaly as I did:

"Virtually the only real price Schneier has paid for his indiscretion has been his conspicuous absence from Newsweek's annual ranking of the 50 most influential rabbis in America, after he made the list in 2009 and 2010. In an interview, Schneier said that he had been ineligible for this year's edition because of his pulpit leave of absence."

Tablet, however, fact-checked with News­week's Abigail Pogrebin who helped compile this year's list, and found:

"No rabbis under consideration were dis­qualified because of sabbatical status."

(No, I do not think that Glenn Dorskind was lying... I think he was lied to.)

For me, the key part of this is that, as with the "cancer" letters, it was done anonymously by gutless, craven individuals, so the litany of ac­cusations cannot be said to have been brought out into the open.

All indications are that the apotheosis of Marc Schneier has peaked, and not even a decision in the E³A lawsuit favorable to however many Orthodox there are in the area, is going to haul his fat out of the fire.


1. Michael Jacobs said...

On Saturday there was a small group of women picketing outside Hampton Synagogue carrying signs reading "Randy Rabbi," "...serial adulturer," etc.

It was a set-up for a proposed "reality show" the most recent Mrs. Schneier is discussing with the famously spurned Tricia Walsh-Smith... so much for "reality," eh?!

I don't know that the poison-pen letter discussed here and the proposed "reality show" are related, but there's a delicious irony here given Rabbi Schneier's proclivities for publicity. According to the not-always-reliable NY Post, Tobi Rubinstein-Schneier (wife #4, as opposed to Fay Toby Schneier, wife #3), has had a gag order imposed on her after the Rabbi's divorce attorney, Ira Garr, successfully petitioned the court to keep her quiet about matters matrimonial.
– Dean

2. Michael Jacobs said...

Down the rabbit hole. It just keeps getting "curiouser and curiouser."

Dear Alice... not really if'n ya know the players. - Sincerely, T.M. Hare

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