Cell 'phone use dulls one's senses

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cell 'phone use dulls one's senses

That thesis statement, of course, assumes that one has some senses with which to begin!

And while there are studies to support such a contention, I base my assertion on admittedly anecdotal personal observations.

Like Friday morning... mid-teens female walk­ing a brace of tiny dogs on long leads along Main Street totally immersed in a conversation on her rose-colored cellular device.

Our yard is an area of great interest to those of the canine persuasion... naturally! We have dogs, dogs leave scents (just by their presence regardless of whether they lift a leg or squat) and doggy scents are endlessly intriguing to other dogs.

(I daresay that our mailbox post right at the sidewalk is the most pee'd upon post in this end of the Village!)

So here's this wholesome-looking young thing absorbed in conversation, out walking two yappy little dogs who, not surprisingly, want to explore our front yard, investigate the myriad doggy odors which abound and leave their own mark for puppy posterity.

This activity is met with concern on the part of both Gracie and Jeanne's puppy boy Rosco.

(Dogs always know when another dog is in the vicinity!)

There is an intense flurry of excitement and whining by Rosco, while Gracie's brow is furrowed and ears pricked... both would like to charge out and see what's what!

Rosco's high-pitched whines cause a yappy response, but doesn't in the slightest deter any of the promiscuous pee'ing and pooping.

Oblivious to all this is the dog-walker whose entire attention is on her cellular conversation.

As the volume of the retorts from within esca­lates, Jeanne awakens from her second-sleep snooze and wants to know if it's a squirrel?

The situation requires addressing:

"Hey!, young lady... you're inciting a commotion in here!"

...I holler out the window.

In response, while her charges continue to yap she presses her device tighter to her ear, turns away and slowly meanders away from the front of the house!

The dogs leave reluctantly... although their product remains.

My own conclusion is that while multi-tasking might be an admirable ability, if one of those tasks involves yakking on a cell 'phone, then you probably shouldn't do it!


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Multi-tasking in this incident you describe should have included using a doggy poop bag. In this Village there's a law and a fine, although it has never been known to be enforced. The husband over here says it isn't enforced because "it isn't part of the job description."

The husband over there is probably right.

A block of blue ice could have fallen next to this young woman, and she wouldn't've noticed.
– Dean

2. Professor Wagstaff said...

Try doggy doo lacrosse.

Put item on shovel and say, "You forgot this." If they don't seem amenable to accept it, just say, "Catch." and launch it at them.

That would put me at the level of a certain non-resident fixture at Village meetings who does that just to get attention.

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