I've had it with Valero...

Friday, July 15, 2011

I've had it with Valero...

...specifically the one on the corner of Old Riverhead Road and Montauk Highway in Westhampton Beach.

The lay-out of the pump islands is a horror, English is a second language, and the prices at the pump are 14¢ per gallon higher than they are just three miles away at the sparkling and spacious new Hess Express in Quogue.

This afternoon tore it!

At 3:50 pm the Valero was a mob scene, with vehicles of all sizes and descriptions either jockeying for pump position or idling in queue or on the periphery in wait.

(And woe unto the motorist who wasn't alert to line-cutters.)

Three minutes of being stuck behind a woman whose SUV was occupying two vehicle spaces while she wrestled with the nozzle and tried to figure out what position the gas pump's lever should be in, and it was Eastward Ho!

The "Hess Express" on the corner of Jessup Avenue and Montauk Highway in Quogue

It was a good decision on several counts:

  • Fourteen (14!) pumps, no waiting.
  • Spaciously and intelligently laid-out.
  • Pay at the pump with a credit or debit card... any credit or debit card... without penalty or sur-charge!
  • Saved $2.19 over the one to the West.

¡Hasta la vista, Valero!


1. Scarlett said...

You failed to mention those annoying blaring TVs on the pumps?

Never got out of my car yesterday... or close enough to the pumps... to even notice.

2. Michael Jacobs said...

Good to know. Thanks for the heads-up on Hess/Quogue. I have been going to Valero on C.R. 51 in Eastport where it's $.10 cheaper with cash or Valero card. To save almost a quarter a gallon seals it for me... and it's closer. But now since the cat's out of the bag do you think the lines will get longer?

I don't think it'll matter, Michael... it's engineered to accommodate heavy volume. I've been paying cash at the Eastport Valero for years, but if one if coming from the East, it's a hassle to get there obeying all the traffic control signs.

Actually, the only legal and easy way to gas up there, is if one is headed from East Moriches toward Riverhead on C.R. 51!
– Dean

3. Phil said...

I vote for full service at Woody's in Speonk.

4. SJR said...

They also own the old Metro station across the street - I learned that when I tried parking there while I was at work (I haven't seen anything but parked cars there for over a year, so imagine my surprise when I had a Valero attendant come across the street to yell at me for parking there!) My question is, if they own it, why not put in pumps over there too? Otherwise, it's just wasted space....

You're not in business, are you?

5. Gregg said...

I have nothing but good things to say about the Valero on Montauk Highway in West{sic} Hampton{sic}... the employees are always very courteous (and) the coffee I might add is always fresh.

Thank you for sharing your views, Gregg. I don't go to a filling station for the coffee, #1, and, #2, you're not from around here, are you?

6. Gregg said...

You are correct. I am not from Westhampton but I am from Long Island. I find myself on the East End often due to my line of work. Since I am in sales and generally a coffee stop involves a fill up, I prefer to go to places where the coffee is fresh and I can get some petroleum. I have also found that many of the Velero stations on the East End area are operated by the same group, based on the little I know they seem to have a very good reputation. O, and one more thing. Their stations happened to be extremely clean.

Thank you for the explication.

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