When last we heard...

Friday, July 15, 2011

When last we heard...

...from attorney and E³A spokesman Marvin Tenzer in January, he was saber-rattling and posturing wildly that the success of the lawsuit against Southampton Town and the Villages of Quogue and Westhampton Beach...

"...could produce a 'multimillion-dollar award.'"

Perhaps instead of thumping his chest and making arrogant public pronouncements, Mr. Tenzer should have spent more time doing his due diligence about who had signed onto the E³A lawsuit "of counsel."

Word came down last week from the Second Judicial Department that Westhampton Beach attorney Peter R. Price has been suspended from the practice of law for five (5!) years, so that Mr. Tenzer and his fellow plaintiffs will be obliged to remove Mr. Price's name from their 1983 Civil Rights Action.

(Marvin, didn't ya at least ask around?)

The suspension was as a result of a variety of complaints and findings against Mr. Price rang­ing from ethics violations to "engaging in con­duct that adverse­ly reflects on his fitness as an attorney" to "misappropriation of funds."

The effective date of the suspension is August 4, 2011.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Tenzer's not a relative of Eric Cantor's, is he?

[sigh!] I have no information on that.

2. Champ19 said...

Tough year for the some of the local legal eagles. Guldi, Motz and now Price. These guys just can't seem follow the rules. Too bad we all end up paying for these crooks either as victims or taxpayers incarcerating them.

I think you missed a couple there....

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

If Tenzer and his fellow plaintiffs get their "multi-million dollar award," from whom do they get this huge sum? And what will they do with the money? I know you don't have information on what they want to use the money for and you don't speculate. But I'd like to start the conversation going and see what your other fans have to say about it.

  1. Us.
  2. Go to Miami?

4. Ronnie said...

Is the eruv rule in the Talmud? If is not, then it is a man-made rule, I presume, not being Jewish. If it is a man-made rule why do they not change it???? This will end the bickering and lawsuits.

My understanding... not being Jewish... is that the Orthodox Jews are very tradition-bound. But then prior to Vatican II (Concilium Oecumenicum Vaticanum Secundum 1962-65), Roman Catholics could not eat meat on Fridays. [shrug]

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