Bide-a-Wee, Add One

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bide-a-Wee, Add One

(I thought the previous entry put paid to OtBB's Bid-a-Wee narrative... my wife, as we see, has other ideas.)

Some thoughts related to my husband's entertaining story/rant.

The Summer was a hot and dry one. The Bide-a-Wee dog park where I hoped to "dog socialize" my energetic pup was naturally full of sand, and I honestly doubt they could bug spray enough to manage the flea population.

My poor Rosco ended up being so allergic to the insect bites it took literally months to clear him up.

I wrote to Bide-a-Wee but never heard back.

It wasn't until after we stopped going to the park that I was advised by others to use the usually three-month Frontline (which had worked great for the three years prior to the park) on a monthly basis, I guess because of the increased exposure to dogs, dirt and fleas.

So, no doggie socials for Rosco there!

Too bad; when it wasn't too crowded, and absent a couple of fat and aggressive alpha Goldens (who would totally freak him out), both animal and human company was terrific. And he got to run and run and run.

(A shout out to Milo, Rudy, the happy running chocolate labs and Gracie [not ours but another] the little referee when the big dawgs started to get ugly.)

Puppy boy Rosco came from a grateful River­head Animal Shelter.

My rescue before that was found dumped outside the entrance to Brookhaven Shelter, and lived to be sixteen. He was headed for the gas chamber for sure when my nephew gave him a stay of execution. Our own Gracie girl came from there too.

Adopting a rescue dog from Bide-a-Wee in my experience was a horror. I could adopt a child easier than an animal from there! And if your Gretch was a castaway from a family who deserted her, and if they had passed muster with Bide-a-Wee, well, it would cast doubt on the soundness of their decision-making.

My bright-as-a-button Riverhead rescue dog came with an ID chip in him, just like the purebreds! I hope that puts a stop to the desertion of dogs at summer's end.

I wish we had a dog park like the one we visited in Santa Monica. It was beautiful. There was good fencing, safe mulch, lots of shade, permanent benches, roomy, and it was in the middle of the neighborhood... easy to get to.


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