Bide-a-Wee: Boooo! Hssss!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bide-a-Wee: Boooo! Hssss!

They get a great deal of "ink" this time of year, recently from West of the Canal Patch and The Southampton Press.

I once had the highest regard for the high-line animal hospital cum rescue operation on Old Country Road in Westhampton.

How high was it?

Back in the mid-'80s when Mike Lennon of Pine Barrens Printing called and asked me for an expedited favor, to typeset and lay-out a jour­nal which had been brought to him completely unready for printing.

(This was well before Mike did anything other than press work.)

"Charge'em whatever you want, but I need it ready-to-print tomorrow afternoon," he said.

"We'll do what we can," I told him, "but I've gotta see the job first."

"Do the best you can... I'll send'em down now."

Fifteen minutes later, Buffy Cooke and Vivian Huebner marched into 74 Main Street with two cardboard boxes stuffed with sheets of paper to which had been stapled and clipped busi­ness cards, matchbooks and scraps torn from Yellow Pages and The Chronicle-News.

How either of them considered this "camera-ready art" as specified on the journal's solicit­ation sheet, was beyond my staff and myself.

(I knew both women slightly... Buffy's husband Bob, an old New York Herald-Tribune sports writer, was a member of our Friday Afternoon Authors Guild (faag) which convened at The Patio.)

The job was a nightmare, and one I ordinarily would not have accepted on such a tight dead­line... but we got it done, and, putty that I am in the presence of two such ladies, wound up "do­nating [the cost of it] to the cause."

(Hey, I reasoned, it was for a good cause, #1, and, #2, I'd probably get some work from it. Ennnt! I'm still waiting!)

(Next, the conclusion: Florence Flood, Bo Bishop and the shameful abandonment of "Gretch.")


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