Heads up, windows closed

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heads up, windows closed

...and fish ponds covered this evening as the swarms of culicidae have so flown amok in the area that measures are being under-taken.

Scheduled for Resmethrin assault, by fog, are parts of Quiogue and Quogue in an effort to decimate the mosquito population.

I thought it was just our backyard, but the tiny thirsty beasts have commanded the attention of Suffolk County Department of Public Works, Division of Vector Control.

There are certain risks attached to Resmethrin, a "Restricted Use insecticide for professional use," which mandates the inclusion of a "Cau­tion" advisory on the packaging.

(Trade names include "Scourge," "Syntox" and "Raid Flying Insect Killer.")

The biggest danger is to fish, so keep your ponds covered when Vector Control is in the neighborhood!

This situation will doubtless concern my old Moniebogue Press colleague Van Howell, but there is no information about the effects of Resmethrin on Chelydra serpentina serpentina, the toropes who lurk in Cranberry Marsh.


1. Hambone said...

I wish they did this for the July 4th weekend.

Put out bird feed or get a bug-zapper, Andrew!

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