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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Southampton Politrix...

...and the residents of the Town be damned!

There is something to be said about the bad ol' days of the GOP's (mostly benevolent) grip on the Town under the leadership men like Frank Crowitz... things not only ran smoothly and even got done, but no one got a knife in the back or was eviscerated in the process.

Those in power saw "the bigger picture," and it was never solely about self-interest.

Today, "the greater good" stops at the end of the power brokers' noses.

Look at the tumult in the Town just over the past seven months:

There wasn't a shred of "the greater good" in­volved in any of those three decisions... it was all power grabs and gutter politics of the type which was never seen in Southampton Town!

(The worst we saw in those "bad ol' days" was Supervisor Marty Lang, when he was on the outs with the GOP, sending his hatchet heavy1, Kenny Jones, out to re­cord the license plates of those attending a Republican dinner at John Duck Jr.)

Most disturbing is that not a single Town Board member came out "clean" in those actions: all five of them demonstrated that they are doing the bidding of other than those who elected then to serve the Town.

But as with anything... especially if it involves politics... there is always a due bill. While we as taxpayers are always the primary payers, this is the time of year when chickens come home to roost.

Those in the sights of the power-players are Ms. Fleming and Town Trustee Eric Shultz, to the respective advantage of Christine Scalera, Brad Bender and Scott Horowitz, courtesy of back-room cross-endorsement deals with Con­servative and Independence Party bosses Ed Walsh Jr. and Frank McKay.

(It was Walsh who dictated the appoint­ment of William Wilson Jr. instead of Town Police Chief Jim Overton's rightfully successor, Tenaglia.)

The Town Democratic organization is so confi­dent of Bender's success this November that he is already listed as an "Elected Official" on their Website!

That's the price of leaving Ms. Fleming with only the Democratic line on this November's ballot, and the unlikely chance of being re-elected.

Similarly, Bill Hughes who ran with only GOP support in the March 2010 Special Election and lost his Town Board bid because of Ms. Flem­ing's Independence Party line, will again be denied secondary endorsement.

(But politrix being what it has ever been, something plum will fall the way of Ms. Fleming and Mr. Hughes in the not-too-distant future.)

For his part, Shultz2 has incurred the wrath of the big money guys trying to construct more McMansions in the already over-built barrier beach Village of West Hampton{sic} Dunes.

Nothing official has been announced yet... except that the Town GOP will not be fielding a candidate to run against incumbent Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst.

And you can bet that that was something dis­cussed at length in a smoke-filled back-room!

  1. In the old serials and B-movies of my youth, this was the "muscle," the thug who took orders from the "brains-heavy."
  2. Of whom I have been critical for reneging on an implicit deal with the Westhampton Cemetery Association.


1. Crabby said...

Politics is ugly stuff!

You mentioned more McMansions being built on the ocean. So did Dan Rattiner this week, with the observation that Southampton Town has been granting the wealthy the right to cut off access to the oceans and bays for the residents and day visitors to the seaside, as they like having us around as much as DelaFemina likes piping plovers (another preferably displaced inconvenience group to the jet set).

We bailed out the banks to save the country from a Depression, and it appears in the void that the homeowning middle class used to occupy, some very rich people have settled in.

They blithely use our taxpayer money to fund their lifestyle. They consume more water in their irrigation systems than a few thousand of us would use in a year.

Just wait till the jet traffic becomes incessant overhead, and your only local work will be as a domestic or server.

Oh no, wait. That'll go to the illegal immigrant crowd – far cheaper to hire! They have been bringing out their own food and staff – who needs restaurants, except to be seen?

The people you voted into office (or if you neglected to show up for elections-duh-the same thing) are local politicians who seem to be currying favor with the outside moneyed crowd who can keep them in office. We've lost balance here.

See how many out-of-towners have voted in your elections, and prepare to be dismayed that the Summer pod people have taken over your world.

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