Updating last evening's report...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Updating last evening's report...

Updated 07/06/2011 – 7:56 pm

...being a follow-up to certain aspects of the "July Village Board Meeting" entry.

Item the first:

The name of the newly appointed Associate Village Justice is Jeffrey Lee Snead, an 18-year member of the New York State Bar who prac­tices out of Bellport.

(Wasn't sure how to spell it, so it wasn't included in the initial report.)

That Associate Justice Snead is from out of the immediate area is seen as a good thing, les­sening the likelihood that both Village Justices would have to recuse themselves... as oc­curred with the high-profile DWI arraignment of Labor Day 2009 which was done in Quogue.

More on the confrontation with Hank

The post-meeting con­versation with Trustee Hank Tucker was not including in the earlier report since I first needed to confirm some facts.

OtBB readers will recall that it was Tucker who asked that the Ethics Committee appointments be made individually rather than severally, so that he (and presumably new Trustee Pat Di­Benedetto) could vote "No" when my name was offered.

Later, outside Village Hall, Tucker asserted that his request was procedural rather than person­al because...

"I got the list just after 5:00 pm1. I needed time to study it."

...which on its face, doesn't sound unreason­able, but utterly fails the sniff test.

  1. All three names, Carol Matthews, Toni-Jo Birk and mine, were on the list which Tucker picked up just under two hours before the meeting.

    The only name they tried to block was mine. That's not paranoia, that's a matter of public record.
  2. It's the same flabby "excuse" Tucker hid behind at last January's Board Meeting for not voting to deny the "Step 2 Grievances" involving sus­pended Village Police Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane.

And since I've confirmed the core fact that Tucker was lying... and clumsily so... the re­mainder of our conversation focused on some­thing Tucker was told I'd written on OtBB!

"You said that I did something wrong when the Library Board voted on the computers."

In point of fact, in May 9th's "One WFL ques­tion answered," I related asking Westhamp­ton Free Library Director Matthew Bollerman:

"Why did WFL Trustee Hank Tucker abstain from the vote which let the contract to TCG?"

Bollerman had declined to respond publicly, but one-on-one told me:

"I think I know why but you'll still have to ask him."

This seemed to be at the root of his "No" vote on the Ethics Committee appointment, but he admitted that he hadn't read that item first­hand, only been told about it.

Readers may make their own inferences.

  1. Tucker, however, told Patch's Erica Jackson that he cast his negative vote because he did not have time to look over the list of candidates for the seat.
    "I was given the list ten minute{sic} before the meeting. I also felt he wasn't the proper per­son. There is too much contro­versy surrounding him."
    Same ol' Tucker: a different story for everyone.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Tucker was quoted as saying that there is too much controversy surrounding you? Isn't the opposition the group who do the rumor-mongering that creates the controversy? They are very very afraid of your blog or they wouldn't work so hard to disparage it and you.

Of course they are fearful... when one plays the game they do, the last thing they want is exposure.

2. Crabby said...

Awww, get off your duff and do some work, Tucker! And enough with the same stupid "dog ate your homework five minutes ago" bologna. True, you've fooled the voters again; but if I read the numbers right, you came in on DiBenedetto's tail wind and Levan's political savvy, certainly not on your merits.

But, joy of joys, we have an ETHICS panel should the need arise. And you know for sure that 200 REAL residents of the Village are pleased as punch Speir is on it! For three years! We trust him!

I can't say the same with you of forked tongued double-speak. This last campaign we had the opportunity to watch you in action giving totally different answers to Patch (in between your inane blathering) and Southampton Press.

Answer the above OtBB question Hank; why did you have to abstain from voting on the Library contract to Total Computer Group? Why won't Bollerman talk about it? Was there any true attempt to bid out any of the work? Or were you guys just peeing away our money because you know what's good for us?

While we're at it, why can't our Library have as detailed and excellent an auditing report as our Performing Art Center provides? Because Levan is Treasurer and you a Library Trustee? This stinks to high heaven!

I can't WAIT to see how you're going to manage that insurance responsibility as East End Health Care and United Health Care may have a parting of the ways – maybe that $34,000 you are claiming to save the Village will disappear, thus still leaving you negative -$366,000 in patrolman salaries while you fudged on legal disciplinary hearings?

Whew, Crabby! Don't hold anything back!

But don't hold your breath waiting for an answer, either... Hank has averred that he "doesn't read the blog."


3. Who Said That?! said...

He can't read the blog... he only got it 10 minutes ago!


Or was it two hours ago? He can't remember.

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