Hard start to the big weekend

Friday, July 01, 2011

Hard start to the big weekend

It was barely 4:00 pm when I drove down Main Street and passed the aftermath of something considerably more than a "fender-bender" at the corner of Beach Road... it looked like a vehicle attempting a left from Main had been broadsided by another traveling West.

By the time I was heading back home less than an hour later, I learned that there had already been a death on Mitchell Road and several significant multi-vehicle accidents between here and Peconic Bay Medical Center which impacted the progress of the police vehicle transporting the decedent's family.

Then good Samaritan "Chip" Porter stopped to inform the first policeman he saw that there had been some sort of event between West­hamp­ton Country Club and St. Mark's Church which caused the air bags to deploy on four young women in a small yellow convertible

All this before 6:00 pm of a four-day weekend.

In the timeless admonishment of the late "Sgt. Philip Freemason Esterhaus:"

"Hey! Let's be careful out there!"


1. Jim Cordo said...

People pay $8-$15 dollars a drink so why not an extra $20 or so for a cab here and there?

The events I cited were all relatively early in the day, so how much alcohol had to do with any of them is unknown.

2. Jim Cordo said...

Fair enough. But its still 'early' as you say.

3. Jeanne Speir said...

Jim Cordo, I have it on good authority that the cabbies out here, especially at night from the clubs, will charge $100 fares. A major rip-off.

As for fast drivers, they are in abundance on this end of the Village, too. Maybe our Po-Po can put up one of those "your speed is 75 mph" radars, with a camera, to nail the alleged perpetrators.

As will many entrepreneurial endeavors, one charges what the traffic will bear.

4. Tugboat Bertha said...

A death on Mitchell Road? Good Lord man, that's practically a one-way street with the bridge out!

There was a head-on last Saturday night at the intersection of Hampton Road and Franklin Street in Quiogue too. Drunk driver. No one was hurt which was miraculous.

5. Jim Cordo said...

Geez, $100 for a cab. I'm still in shock at $10 drinks.

Jeanne, your idea is good. They do seem to work. In the old days I drove home way too many times when I should not have. I wasnt afraid of getting arrested either. I'd go about 10 mph with my emergency lights flashing and if a Village cop saw me they would pull me over and give me a ride home or, my least favorite, they would say, "follow me" (not so easy). Then they would lead me home.

When the laws changed I hung up my keys and moved to Main Street.

Still, get the $100 bucks together, get a designated driver or walk.

Oh yeah, you could drink responsibly. I never quite figured how to do that.

My brother!

6. EastEnd68 said...

Were there more details about what happened on Mitchell – didn't see a story anywhere. Thanks.

You're a ghoulish sort, aincha?

Guy died... don't believe it was motor vehicle-related.

7. EastEnd68 said...

Sorry -- I thought there was an accident on Mitchell.

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