I, Part 2

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I, Part 2

Even the Website of once (1996-2000) and again Southampton Town Council candidate Jim Drew, who was a Conservative before there was much of a Conservative Party on this end of the Island, is curiously silent on the issue of Illegal Immigration.

For reasons not immediately apparent, the well-respected Mr. Drew, a GOP Committee pick in an (unsuccessful) attempt to overcome their dubious decision to dump incumbent Nancy Graboski from the Row B ticket, is not contesting on the Conservative line and is solely to be found on the Row C Independence Line this time out. This leaves ousted Republi­can candidate Patrick "Skip" Heaney all alone on Row D where Mr. Drew's presence could have been of great value to the incumbent Supervisor's well-funded but uphill battle.

Without a sample ballot available from the Suffolk County Board of Elections at this time, and no Web presence for either the Conservative or Independence Parties on Long Island... actually the latter has one but Southampton Town is conspicuously absent from it, it's difficult to envision positioning of various candidates.


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