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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Latest Viral Video

Okay, so the subject of the traffic-stop video in Rochester (NY) wasn't getting a beat-down by police a la Rodney King, but that historic event in Los Angeles is still having an impact, over 20 years later and 3,000 miles away.

Police are understandably sensitive to being video-taped in the course of their duties, but some of them carry that sensitivity to absurd extremes as the amateur footage shot by "activist" Emily Good on May 12th reveals.

Officer Mario Masic, whose personal hero seems to be "Eric Cartman," might just have some 'splainin' to do because Ms. Good, po­litely but resolutely declined to "respect his author-i-tah," was arrested for her offense and charged with second-degree obstructing gov­ernmental administration.

(Whether Officer Masic's command to remove herself from her own lawn was a lawful order, has yet to be adjudicated.)

If anyone hasn't see Ms. Good's raw video footage, it's on-line at YouTube. (Of course!)

(It is unclear why the man whose inter­action with the police she was filming, was stopped, but as he was sent on his way after Ms. Good was taken into custody, it was likely something like DWB... Driving While Black.)

Whether Ms. Good is a semi-professional pain-in-the-arse or, the description which seems to have stuck to her, an "activist," if she's going to continue to to get involved in such matters, she's going to have to learn to keep it together better than what she displays when she real­izes that she's been arrested.

(For his part, Officer Masic might consider a transfer to another job, say, BATF or DEA whose agents agents have a repu­tation for being over-bearing "cowboys.")

In another on-line video, "Emily Good talks about her arrest" in an interview in the officer of her attorney (wait for it!) Stephanie Stare.

Yet another video appears to show Rochester Police Officers engaging in a retaliatory action against supporters of Ms. Good.

That's one department which seems to be out-of-control.

But we've been mislead by the media in such matters before.


"Emily Good’s Case Dismissed"

A later report includes excerpts from Pol1ce Chief James Sheppard's press conference.

Stand-up guy, Chief Sheppard... never mind how much of an ass he comes across.

But then that's why he gets the big bucks.

It should come as no surprise...

...that Emily Good is now suing Rochester Police Department for a "violation of her civil rights."

You know it was headed there all along!


1. Champ 19 said...

Saw something about this as well. Was wondering what the cops would have done had she been taping the encounter from a window inside her house. Would they have broken down the door to arrest this citizen? We will never know, but the cops gotta know by now everybody has a camera in their pockets.

As Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan noted more than a century ago, "A policeman's lot is not a happy one." But willikers!

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