What now, Alex?

Monday, June 27, 2011

What now, Alex?

Yes, much OtBB fodder derives from 27East items, this one, curiously, about an event which occurred 11 days ago but has just been reported this afternoon.

Molotov Cocktail Placed In Front Of South­ampton Town Highway Superintendent's Home

Such acts are never to be taken lightly, but there are certain interesting elements to the story.

"The front-seat passenger then lit a Molotov cocktail in a beer bottle, opened his door and placed the bomb on the street in front of Mr. Gregor’s residence...."

Now Southampton Press correspondent Colleen Reynolds is most likely reporting only what she has been told by Southampton Town Police, and wouldn't know a Molotov cocktail from a Moscow Mule or a Singapore Sling, but one thing is certain, such an incendiary device is always thrown, never simply "placed."

Light the "wick" to a frangible container of inflammable fluid, throw it so it smashes, the liquid agent spreads and sets fire to whatever it comes in contact with, and you've got some­thing serious.

"Placing" the device instead of hurling it, and in most instances it's no more dangerous than a flaming bag of dog poop!

And then there's this:

"Mr. Gregor did not immediately return a phone call Monday afternoon."

Alex Gregor

The reason Mr. Gregor, who ranks with Senator Chuck Schumer and County Legislator Jay Schneider­man in making himself accessible to the media, did not return a call is because he was curled up in his mother's basement fouling himself.


1. Crabby said...

Now now Speir! Do you think it was put there by some 72-year-old whose leaves won't be picked up?

I wasn't a big fan of Bill Masterson, but how does anyone think he ran the Highway Department and got the job all those years without whining about needing more money?
– Dean

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