The Empress's Parthian Shot

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Empress's Parthian Shot

Lame duck Trustee Joan Levan has every right to crow... her sock puppet and his carefully selected running mate easily won seats on the Westhampton Beach Village Board last Friday.

And she's certainly crowing on this morning's Southampton Press Letters page. It's a right reserved for the victors.

Make no mistake... this was the Empress's victory all the way, and if you have any doubts, you haven't been paying attention.

It was she who directed Tucker to not debate1 because she knew he would be toast in any exchange.

(It's easy to yammer in front of a camera that "I've always done what's best for Westhampton Beach" because a camera won't challenge him and demand that he defend his record in office.)

It was she who retained a big bucks attorney to ride herd on the polling place... and it wasn't to insure the legitimacy of the process, it was to make sure her constituency were able to cast their ballots!

(She needn't've worried... the weather kept them off the golf course.)

It's important that people read her letter care­fully. Aside from getting her own back for my criticizing her actions over the past four years:

  1. She is setting up Hank Tucker for an­other run for Mayor in 2012.
  2. Her use of the pejorative "aided and abetted" in describing the current Village Board's majority in support of my candidacy, is most telling.

    Conrad Teller, Toni-Jo Birk and Sue Farrell beat her candidates last year, and the Empress does not suffer such slights easily... they must be punished and she's laying the groundwork!
  3. She asserts without foundation or examples, my "litany of lies and dis­tortions against Hank Tucker and Patricia DiBenedetto."

    That's a load of codswallop and she knows it! I rarely mentioned Mrs. DiBenedetto and everything I put my name to2 about Hank Tucker was a matter of public record. It was his record I was running against!
  4. She asserts, again without founda­tion, that "never did [I] say one positive thing that [I] would do for our community."

    Pssst, Joan... you weren't listening.

    And as alien a concept as it is to you personally, my involvement in this Village has never been about health care benefits or legacy-building.

So the "official" Joan Levan years are over... but she's really not going anywhere, and more often than not, when Hank Tucker speaks, it will be the Empress "behind the curtain."

Come out, come out, wherever you are...

There's another letter in today's paper that is also instructive. Ya gotta love Patricia DiBene­detto... she really doesn't hold much back3.

Pay attention to the part where she does her "bread and butter" thing, her thank yous:

"...the numerous supporters of our cam­paign, including Trustee Joan Levan, Charlie Palmer, and Angelo dela Fuente."

There it is... the power group who wants to re-take Village Hall and call all the shots.

  1. I am still not convinced that she didn't exert some influence on the League of Women Voters of the Hamptons' decision to not hold a debate here... she became a member last year, and anyone who knows Joan Levan knows that it's ultim­ately about her.
  2. The same may not be said of those in the Lightning Party camp.
  3. Given Pat's quote elsewhere in the paper about "I'm not six generations. I haven't been here all my life," she seems to be announcing that she's "the new Village."


1. Seeker said...

Joan of "argh."

Sorry, couldn't help myself....

No one ever has to excuse themself where Mrs. Levan is concerned.

2. Scarlett said...

That was great, Seeker!

3. Tugboat Bertha said...

The Levan letter in today's paper was disturbing and nauseating. Your comments about it in the blog are a welcome sight. Thank you for your insight into the machinations of the not-so-loyal opposition. They won this time because so few came out to vote. The troops must be rallied and inspired before the next election or the Village will be lost to the Phillistines.

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