Odyssey in 11901

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Odyssey in 11901

It should have been a breeze... a three-hour block out of my afternoon for a Board of Elections seminar cum training session.

But instead of the Southampton Cultural Center where it was commonly held, I was summoned to 330 Court Street, Riverhead.

I remember thinking when I entered the information into my Outlook calendar last month, that I never knew Court Street was that long!

I arrived timely, up Griffing Avenue, left onto Court Street past #120, my "uncle" Steve Griffing's offices for many decades, and saw that there were no more buildings on that side of the little street, just a large parking lot to service the old Court House.

Then the Riverhead heat kicked in and helped me decide that my destination must be some­where within the old Court House.

Which is, of course, a sterile facility, which took me four passes through the security system only to discover that it wasn't where I wanted to be.

Collecting all the "stuff" the Court Officer had denuded me of...

(Hey!, anyone who thinks women have lotsa of "stuff" in their handbags, has never taken a look at what sort of "stuff" a guy routinely carries which sets off a pulse induction scanning device!)

...I decided that the entrance to my destination must be on the Griffing Avenue side of the building.

Ennnt! The Griffing Avenue side of the build­ing is closed for repairs!

(Apparently large chunks of the concrete fascia were coming off and the County, lobbied no doubt by the legal profession, decided that repair and restoration was in order before a litigious attorney... I repeat myself... was brained by falling debris.)

This was getting serious... I was now ten minutes late for the seminar and wandering around Court Street like an ancient Jew in the desert, and about out of options.

I headed into #120, now the offices of William F. Bates, Attorney at Law and known to me over the years, and explained my plight.

His staff looked amused, and Bill himself looked as puzzled as I felt.

"Number 330?" he asked. "Are you sure?"

"That's what I wrote down last month."

One of his ladies had already retrieved the Board of Elections 'phone number.

Bill was gracious enough to not only call it, but wade through the voice menu and several referrals before someone disclosed that the seminar was being held at the Riverhead Library.

"Looking at it right out my window," he said as he thanked the person and hung up.

We walked out his front door and gazed to the Southwest across Osborne Avenue and down to West Main Street on which corner sat the Riverhead Library!

"Well," he said, "there ya go! I learned some­thing today as well."

I thanked him and scurried off, now almost 25 minutes late but relieved that my notes were accurate, if incomplete.

I'd fixed the "330 Court Street" in my mind, but not the "Riverhead Library" part.

For future reference, while the Library sits on West Main at the terminus of Court Street, the entrance is from Osborne Avenue.


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