This Year's Unmentionable Word…

Saturday, October 27, 2007

This Year's Unmentionable Word…

Conservative Party Signs for Pat Heaney and against Illegal Immigration the "I" word!

Or more accurately, the "" words: "Illegal Immigration!"

It's the one everyone in the Southampton Town Board races are avoiding like bird flu, yet it's perched in the corner of every candidates' forum cum debate like the proverbial 800 pound simian!

The Democrats don't want to talk about the is­sue for fear of alienating the immigrant con­sti­tuent base they've worked so diligently to cul­tivate, even to the extent their Democratic Governor has inaugurated a plan to grant un­documented immigrants NYS Driver's Licenses. ("Spitzer gets federal backing for license plan")

(Note has been taken of the inclusion of a "Download Spanish Form" on the South­ampton Town Democratic Website's voter registration page.)

The Republicans shy away from the subject because they are sensitive to the accusations from the more vocal on the Left that they are hateful, fear-mongering xenophobes!

(How bad is it? On this afternoon's "The Cutting Edge" public affairs program on WLNY-TV (cable Channel 10), former one-term Suffolk County Executive Pat­rick Halpin used his Editorial Comment allot­ment to afford his fellow Democrats some cover on the issue by asserting in forceful terms that Illegal Immigration was a Federal problem, and had no business in local Town-wide races!)

Now, not having seen the E-mail or letter, I don't know whether, as reported, Democratic Council candidate Sandra Dunn actually wrote, when she was heading up Organizacion Latino Americana of Eastern Long Island, that she deemed it important to gain a seat on the Town Board so "we can discharge our agenda," but it's clear where her sympathies lie and those of her running mate, Supervisor candi­date Jim Henry who boasts of his allegiance to the New York Civil Liberties Union.

(Sympathies?!? We should be sympathet­ic to the human rights of all, just as we were to the migrant workers after Ed­ward R. Murrow raised the country's conscious­ness and pricked its conscience with his celebrated "Harvest of Shame" CBS report of 47 years ago. But we need our rights as residents and taxpayers respected, and we've seen what's hap­pened in East Hampton under Democrat­ic leadership. The subject of illegal immi­gra­tion isn't simply a "Federal problem.")

Strategically placed Pat Heaney and Illegal Immigration signs

The Conservative Party, still reeling from the shock of losing their favored Row "C" to the Independence Party, have no such com­punctions, and are dotting the townscape with "Stop Illegal Immigration" signs, most alongside of those supporting their man in Southampton, incumbent Supervisor-in-Con­servative-Clothing-'cause-he-lost-the-GOP-primary, Patrick "Skip" Heaney.

At a debate broadcast over the LIU/South­ampton campus' radio station this week, Row "C" candidate, Alex Gregor, asked Row "D" candidate, Mr. Heaney where he stood on the issue, given that his signs were commonly placed in close juxtaposition with the anti-illegals messages. The incumbent responded with a passable impersonation of a stricken guppy, managing only to assert that the im­migration issue messages were not his doing, and were placed there by those in service to the Conservative Party, and not his own people.

(At the October 15th Candidates forum in Hampton Bays, there had been several outcries demanding that Mr. Heaney re­pudiate those "hateful" signs. He failed to respond there as well, although at an earlier debate Mr. Heaney had declared that his polling had indicated that "80%" of those who responded indicated their concerns about the illegal immigration problem and the Town's involvement in a solution.)

The contentious subject of Illegal Immigration cannot, and must not, be allowed to be dis­missed locally as something which should be addressed on the Federal level. All that is, is an excuse for not doing anything on a Town or Village level when undocumented im­mi­grants become a problem for code enforcement of­fi­cials and police... and before anyone starts yelling about OtBB's "hate-mongering," start reading the local police blotters a little more carefully, and look at studies such as The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration.

That said, I do find the proximity of the Con­servative Party's placement of its signs to any "School Bus Stop Ahead" signs, purposefully alarming.


1. Tony Jo Berk said...

I believe the signs are strategically placed by the School Crossing signs. This brings up another issue, over-crowded schools due to Illegal Immigrants. There is no quick fix to those that are already here so as a great philosopher once said "Can't we all jus' get along."

2. Matlynn Carville said...

Sorry, I have to disagree with the estimable blogger on this one. Many commercial Republican burghers don't want to touch the yucky illegal immigration thingy either, because their bottom line is inestimably enhanced by workers who gladly take cash without the pesky paperwork of taxes, nor receive benefits. Unfortunately, these undocumented folks also don't help share the burden of school and property taxes by living ten to a room. And the sales tax on their purchases goes only so far. Their "citizen" offspring drain the Medicaid and English-as-a-Second-Language system dry. PHOOEY! Realize everyone who hires a contractor or landscaper with a cadre of likely illegal aliens, or hires them out of a 7-11 parking lot is guilty. This is a hot potato topic, period. I do agree it's not only a federal problem. In other comments it seems to me you are alluding to the published arrest reports with Spanish surnames. It's interesting how selective a blogger's jaundiced eye can distort the big picture. Look at the stats in the Comical over a year, and you'll find plenty of Wasps and Oirish and Gonzos and African-Americans sharing the sinful burdens of crime and excess. Talk about xenophobia! Of interest is how many Latino names insinuated themselves into the "Crime Does Not Pay" page of recent. I wonder if a little profiling for politics is playing into the purveyance of the police, or if it is only that all the Summer people have finally left? By the way, I had to chuckle at a huge Heaney banner while driving into in Riverhead this week. Someone had altered the content of the message to read: "DUMP Heaney." Priceless. It's a fine time to change the political landscape.

3. Tony Jo Berk said...

I'm not saying to give up on the Illegal Immigrant problem. But the humanitarian in me finds it heartbreaking to think of the obstacles the youth may face for an education.

4. Matlynn Carville said...

Let's figure the immigration problem out then, Tony Jo. Right here, right now. Every other country in the world, (including us, back in the day... ask any LEGAL immigrant who had to sweat it out to gain entry!) has STRICT immigration guidelines and quotas. We need to revisit that position. Many of the illegal Latin people who come here to work are married already in their countries of origin, and having second families here. Ask the social workers who work with them – that's where I first found out that Popi has Dos Mommies. Just how generous are we supposed to be? I have adult kids this close to losing their living quarters, and additionally without health insurance, due to the collapse of the housing market. Kids born of illegal immigrants have NO automatic right to citizenship. This school district spends a fortune per student, which Latin kids' parents don't pay. WE pay it. Ditto for the exploding costs of health insurance, which, BTW, my grandkids don't have now that their Dad has been laid off. As they say in Spanish, "Bastante!" (Enough) is enough. If you're legal, fine. If you're not, "Hasta la Vista, Baby!" As long as our Congress can't get our soldiers out of the Middle East, we cannot afford a Mr. Nice Guy stance. The Latinos have relatives in their home countries; most in astoundingly good health – families of eight siblings and living elderly parents are the norm: good God-fearin' folk who don't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, nor do drugs. It ain't Darfur and starvation you'd be shipping them back to! So my solution? "Buh Bye." Do it right, apply for entry, and you're welcome to come in and prosper and pay taxes. In the meantime, the exercise of caring for my own lawn is doing my butt and cardiovascular system good.

5. Tony Jo Berk said...

The easy solution is to "ship them back." But realistically that's not going to happen. Legally documenting and having them in the "system" is a possibilty. Perhaps if they are arrested for a serious or violent crime it should be mandatory for them to be deported. Unfortunately many of our Border Troops are protecting our Country from Terrorism so keeping strict borders is easier said than done.

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